politics and the fear of  climate death too near
the world went to sleep
a wishing away the unreal and real
bold and frail covered up the same
never too soon to unveil the truth
comfort found in promises and lies
the budding tyrants dole them out
betraying will follow plans and schemes
to crop the masses lean
the orders and decrees mention well
freedom is just a thought; no more
worries about tomorrow; they may never come
at your door the undertaker might as well take you sooner
life already left before the spirit had a chance
all gates closed; no entrance allowed
the fence too high; the matter settled
the lambs will serve the lions well
a crust will not be enough
blood has a better flavor
they more than us have better taste
there is no moral or morale to keep us here
longer the wait the more numb our gate
all gained is thrown away
a bitterness and surrender we could blame
the heart is gone the clock still ticks as we count the bile droplets

as  to rid the little phantom bandits

Joseph Phillip De Marco

© 16 minutes ago

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