A Must Read

A Must Read Book….Notice: to all our ‘in their right minded’ friends…….a year or so ago I stumbled across a book called…. ‘Keynes At Harvard’ which was originally published in 1960 by an author named Zygmund Dobbs……it is basically a blue print of how socialism works and how it will slowly be injected into the America we now know and love. I obtained the reprint rights to this wonderful effort and you can buy (look for new---not used) at Amazon or at this web site ….http://www.keynesatharvard.org/It should not surprise you that these socialistic teachings which Dobbs exposes were endorsed with great enthusiasm by the Law school at Harvard. Hmmmm…now who do we know that was a student of that prestigious institution?Anyway, just thought you should know and might want to avail yourself of this before someone comes and takes me away……Peary Perry
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