A Message to Republicans

Mr. Boehner and the other members of the Republican Leadership,

Some of you were not on the chopping block this election cycle, but you might be next go around...I just want to point a couple of things out that you should keep in mind until 2012.

These are not threats, they are reminders so that you dont lose your focus between here and then.

All those new people? We sent them up there. All those cronies and insiders who are packing their bags to go home? We did that too. You need to look at this from where we stand - we did it once, and we can damn sure do it again - we will do even more next time, as we have almost two years to work on our agenda, and we are going to be watching you.

Yep, you have a nationwide network of auditors looking at your every move. If you care about this country, thats great, thats what we want, but if all you care about is your politcal future, you should factor this into your equations for success. We didnt put your party back into power because we like you or trust you. YOU ARE ON PROBATION.

We didnt send you all back up there to make nice with socialists.

We didnt send you up there to compromise away our national security, our financial future or our childrens hopes and dreams.

We sent you up there to STOP THE MADNESS!!

You skilled politicians be very careful with how you treat our house and our government, because it doesnt belong to you. It belongs to US, and it is on loan to you for the next two years. If you want to keep the positions you hold, then mark these words well...otherwise, it might be YOU packing up your office next time around.

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  • RUAS,

    Well, then help me out PLEASE - I am on a "cut and paste" mission and I have been emailing this message to all of my reps.  I ask you all to do the same.  Fellow Tea Partiers!  Have the courage of your convictions - you have to TELL your reps what you want them to know!  If enough of us send this message LOUD AND CLEAR, they will have to be politcally suicidal to ignore us.

    Right now they are considering letting the dems get away with all sorts of pork in this lame duck tax rate compromise.  I say NO!  Hell no.  Wait until we have Republicans in control in January, and to hell with a government shut down - let it happen.  The army will still be on the job, as will anything else thats critical.  It wouldnt be the first time that has happened.  A bad deal is no deal at all.

    I am serious about this.  Speak to these people as if you expect them to represent you and your interests.  If they dont, show them the damned door in 2012.

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