It is becoming very apparent that a large number of Republican politicians are looking to woo eligible Tea Party voters. The banter has been good at times and not to good at others. We all need to continually remind ourselves of the roots of the Tea Party and the involvement of the Republican Party in the creation of this mess that we currently find our government has led us into. The Republican and Democratic Parties are equally responsible. The corruption, excessive spending, violation of constitutional principles, intrusion into the personal lives of citizens, and the erosion of the moral fabric of our nation can be equally blamed on the corruption and self serving interests of the career politicians of both of our major political parties.

I'm afraid that the seduction of power and prestige is too much for some of the neophyte leaders of the Tea Party movement. If the leaders of the movement are falling prey to these seductions, forgetting the roots of our movement, they need to be removed and allow persons who better represent those grassroot values as well as the interests of the welfare of our nation to assume the helm.

The problem with the Republican party is that it has an incestuous relationship with corporate money and power. Since the party coffers are lined with monies from these as well as special interest groups they are very unlikely to alienate themselves from the golden goose.

I hope that this time it will be different, but history does not indicate it and common sense does not allow me to accept it.

Republican RINOs, Democrats and liberals of all description are running scared. Their political demise is rapidly removing them from positions of power. With power, comes responsibility… responsibility to the people, not to themselves, not to their parties, not to special interest groups but to the majority of the citizens of our nation.

Let us not forget that the Republican party endorsed Arlene Spectre over Pat Tomey, gave us Scarzafava in New York, and endorsed Crist over Rubio. Can we trust the Republican Party or for that matter any other career politician to bring conservative or moderate principles with them to Washington? I don't know, but I really don’t think that it is probable.

Remind all Tea Party members and especially leadership of the roots of our movement. The Tea Party movement is about returning power to its rightful and legal owners within our nation… We The People. It is not about empowering a new group of individual who’s only interests are self promotion, power, notoriety and personal agendas. After all folks, it is not about any one individual, it is about all the individuals who are fortunate enough to call themselves citizens of our great nation.

“I am neither Republican nor Democrat, Conservative nor Liberal, Right nor Left… I am an American and Damn proud of it… I will Stand Up, I will be Heard”

Mark Littrell
Chairman, Kentucky TeaParty

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  • The whole government should be pushed out and replaced by common everyday people not lawyer's and the rich custom that make laws that benifit them at the cost of the working class. After all the they are just leeching off our dollars! Until it is WE THE PEOPLE again it will be WE THE RICH still have the control.

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