Today in our country there are people that do everything they can to keep any part of Jesus Christ from being seen. Basically you can worship anything else that can be mentioned and seemingly it will be well advertised by the media and even excepted by those that are in authority.

Praying at our town council meetings all the way up to the white house is expressly prohibited and if it is done it cannot be in Jesus name. Why is this?

In(Acts 5: 34-39 we hear from a man called Gamaliel. He is a man of the law and had a reputation of all the people. What he told them is that if what was be done was of man it would come to naught, but if be of God they could not stop it anyway.

People that are born-again are on the winning side. The victory has already been won, we just have to fight the battles and stand for what is truth even if the world thinks they are winning. The reason we have to fight the battles is to help our enemies to see what we have already seen. They are blind to the truth and can't see that the very prayers that they block is a gift from us to them. Any time truth is put forth or righteousness is sought for a battle will come and the more it is put forth , the stronger the battles.

Common sense would say to allow every one or anyone that wanted to pray, to pray. Just lay out a schedule and allow one person each meeting to pray in any bodies name they choose, even born-again believers, in Jesus Name. Why not? If it is nothing to Him what harm can it do? We could even go so far as to mandate the President start the State of the Union address of with a word of Prayer and pray that prayer to any god he chooses. If we allow that we might even find out what god he truly worships. Hum! Now that's an idea! Do you think we could trust our leadership to be honest about that? The answer to that is no, our leaders know that if they allow that they have to tell the truth. Their constituents who they are and therefore they can't lie and if they have to reveal their true heart in a spiritual sense other won't like them so to them it's better to stay quiet about it. If the Tea Party ever becomes a political party that has a platform we should make prayer and who any person worships a part of that platform. This would not be to decide or force any one to believe like any of us do  but to know the inner being of who we will be voting. For instance, we could ask a man or woman straight, do you believe in Jesus Christ and accept Him as your personal. if his or her answer then we can expect that person to pray in His name. If he says he is an atheist then we will not expect that person to pray at all although we might like what he stands for on all other things and could follow his leadership as long as he allowed each of us to worship as we please.

The reason that most of our leaders want to stay away from Jesus Christ and prayer of any kind is because they know just how much power the Holy Spirit has. They don't want to open the door for anyone because if they do that door might be opened to the Spirit of God as well. That power has the  ability to change the world if born-again believers ever put it to work, believe it or not.

To make to point we could do an experiment. We could put five differ religions on a stage and show them to all this country, only one of them being a born-again believer that is filled with God's Spirit. Each person has five minutes to speak and say anything they choose about the god they worship. When the born-again believer speaks under the inspiration of God's Spirit, in Jesus Name the confident level and the power of that Spirit will change hearts, even if it's not known until eternity and that's really all that matters.

Common sense and wisdom has been hid for way to long. It's probably in abundant supply, just not in the right places. One thing for sure, you can't educate it into any person or spend enough money to buy it. An smart man once said, and I quote( you can buy and education, but you can't buy experience.) You forget about the educated, that is the ones with no common sense and wisdom, just look and find someone that has been to the school of hard knocks, and those that knows what it is to have to humble themselves and ask for help with things that can't handle, sometimes even down on their knees. That will be where you find true leaders that will put this country back on the right foundation.

Maybe we need to be the first ones to get down on our knees and pray, we could start by saying, Lord we can't fix this, it's out of our hand, please, you lead us and guide us, show us the way.

The next thing to do is listen, when He speaks to your heart, MOVE IN THE DIRECTION HE LEADS...... 




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