A Letter to Mr. Carrey

Mr. Carrey


Why would you sensationalize an administration that chooses to spend billions of dollars on the impossible and illogical task of disarming well over half of the population of the United States of America. The people that you are demonizing are law abiding, Constitutionally devoted, hard working citizens. This government is not even able to, come close to, competently enforcing the current firearms laws; roughly 20,000 according to the Brookings Institute. Yet they are fervently trying to legislate bills that are not only illogical they do not effectively deter felons from attaining illegal weapons and committing crimes, all they do is criminalize law abiding citizens. Furthermore these representatives including the Executive Branch are causing public unrest and disdain towards an administration that feels it should use Marshal Law approaches and domestic espionage to control its citizens, forcing laws through autocratic leadership fueled by special interest, graft and corruption on an unprecedented scale. Instead of deterring Americans from attaining firearms they have caused a panic surge of firearms and ammunition purchases many of which are new inexperienced firearm owners. They have artificially increased the value and demand of firearms and ammunition to the point were some firearms especially those incorrectly labeled and demonized as assault weapons (assault weapons have “full auto” selector switches which are only attainable if you purchase a class 3 tax stamp and register the weapon with the ATF after going through extensive background checks) have increased in value over 100% over night. An “assault weapons” ban like any type of prohibition will create such demand and value for these outlawed weapons that they will effectively create the most dangerous black market ever to exist in America: “the assault weapons black market”. This country will be flooded with untraceable, undocumented, true assault weapons fitted with full auto selector switches originating from foreign entities maybe; China, Russia or Venezuela (Old Chavez was successful in opening the first AK47/103 factory in North America prior to his hugely celebrated death)  perhaps and will inevitably get in the wrong hands.


Instead of enforcing the current laws on the books and going after true criminal elements that currently exist in this country: Mexican drug cartels, Southeast Asian, South and Central American, Eastern Block and Domestic syndicates and gangs and fixing the ineffective and broke mental health system. This administration chooses to spend billions and billions of dollars on assault weapons, drones, billions of rounds of hollow point ammunition (which can only be used domestically not in a theater of war based on the Geneva Convention), armored vehicles and data mining equipment for domestic espionage to be used by a Domestic police force to implement Marshall Law at their discretion against a peaceful populace. You say we are “Heartless Mother Fuc#%$^” for wanting to keep our guns to protect our families our children, while this administration would rather spend billions to wage war domestically instead of spending a minuet portion of that to simply; adequately secure our public schools with a couple of armed security guards per school to protect our children against psychopathic criminals who although far and few between will always choose “gun free zones” where resistance will be minimal and casualties will be maximized. What do you think makes more sense, spending billions and billions persecuting law abiding citizens that are not a threat and ineffectively trying to disarm America, or spending a small sliver of that and truly protecting our children in public schools? There is a simple answer to this, the inconvenient truth; that the Federal government is not at all interested in the safety of “the children”! They do not care about criminals getting firearms, this will always happen as long as there are criminals. They care about total control, securing total power, taking away the will and the voice of the people. Let’s face it when your agenda and your ambitions are global and politicians are bought and sold like commodities the people become a tiresome burden, the quicker you can pacify them the quicker you can pursue your progressive agenda. They use our National tragedies as spring boards to implement their political agendas that they have been planning for years. To divide and conquer and most importantly to abolish this Constitution which by its design was created to maintain checks and balances for the people by the people which simply is not what they are interested in.


Being a foreign national and having come here taking the best of America for your success, maybe you have become somewhat intoxicated with your new position among the Hollywood Elite. The same Elite which have become an impressive propaganda machine for “The Party” who call themselves liberals. This term being used lightly since the word liberal is derived from the Latin liber, free. Liberal implicates freedom or less control, yet in order to achieve their goals in context to the current Liberal disposition Left Wing movement, they require total control. Kind of an oxymoron wouldn’t you say: Freedom through autocratic dictatorship? It doesn’t require a genius to figure it out; this inherent philosophical conflict of interest, in fact, you might be able to piece this together even if you are “Dumb or Dumber”, but apparently behind that liberal “Mask”, you sir are simply a fuc%*&# idiot.



Heartless Mother Fuc$%#

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  • Well written but I do not believe that Mr. "Mask" is going to give it its due diligence. The so called Hollywood elite, when they have become insignificant,stir up controversy to gain attention when the reality is they make themselves out to be jack***es and their feeble attempt only backfires on them. Jim Carey is now one of the most hated in Hollywood and will soon be back in Canada where he belongs!Don't tread on me! CAREY! Wise words from the greatest generation. 

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