A Letter From a Patriot

A Letter From a Patriot:For far too long , I have watched our liberties being stripped away along with the U.S. Constitution being depleted. I have witnessed our brethren being wrongfully imprisoned, murdered, overtaxed, cheated, and abused. I have watched as our nation spirals into destruction as the "higher powers" thrive from our dismay. I have seen the injustice, as our people plea for the oppression and tyranny to cease, causing many to fear what will come next. I've witnessed as the people are disarmed, leaving them defenseless and vulnerable. I've witnessed our government exhibit the characteristics of tyranny.Many of our citizens have been wrongfully prosecuted for exercising the right of free speech., and religion.Many have been shorted justice because of an aggressor being "favored" by officials Many have worked an entire lifetime just to live paycheck to paycheck, with nothing left but hardships. Many have starved or have been rendered homeless with no hope left, while this government funds and supports third party nations and neglects their own. Many children, our future, will suffer extreme hardships and trying times due to a crumbling economy.Our people, the citizens of the United States, have been oppressed by a regime that sits high on their thrones, watching as we beg, borrow, and steal our next meal, laughing at the torment they have caused. They take from the people, only pleasing themselves, for their own benefit and not of the people, our homes, investments, earnings and lifestyle. They've abolished our religions, freedoms, and our very way of life.And for far too long, we've allowed it...No longer will I stand by and watch. No longer will I allow.I now stand before God and the people, who shall bear witness, and I continue an oath that will die with me, vowing that I will forevermore support our Constitution, defend our people, stand against oppression, with or without the support of fellow citizens that believe and strive for a better future.I shall not conform to any orders, laws, bills or legalities that violate the U.S. Constitution or the liberty and justice of the people..Furthermore, I will stand against any violations of the same, and fight to suppress the injustice, and the oppressions. I will not allow my fellow citizens to be harassed, exploited, or wronged. My property shall not be seized, or destroyed. I will not be unjustly monitored. I will not be limited. I will not be intimidated. I will not be prosecuted for exercising my first, second, fourth and fifth amendment rights. I SHALL NOT BE OPPRESSED!!I will continue to abide by the laws of the U.S. Constitution . They shall not be changed .We The People shall rise again, without fear of prosecution.We are not "terrorists"We are not " extremists "We are Americans, Patriots, who shall reclaim our liberties.Be it hereby known that we take our stand, by the grace of our Lord God, and the will to Live Free!The American People
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  • I agree, thank you for your reply,
  • A much bigger problem for the United States exist with North Korea needing / wanting to extend Nuclear Armament!  I strongly, suggest ( Whatever Your Stance / Opinion ), contact your Washington, D.C. representatives....

     The situation with North Korea has been out of control for far too long. Nuclear armament by North Korea since... URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Korea In the 1990s, North Korea sold medium-sized nuclear capable missiles to Pakistan in a deal facilitated by China.[158] In 2005, North Korea admitted to having nuclear weapons but vowed to close their nuclear programs.[159][160] The promise of a reduction in nuclear programs has also been reinforced at various Inter-Korean Summit meetings between North and South Korea since the year 2000. However, nuclear plants in North Korea have caused international concern since the 1950s as they are capable of assisting in the development of nuclear arms. International issues involving North Korea's refusal to discontinue nuclear projects have prevented Russia based Gazprom from developing a $2.5 billion pipeline to South Korea through Pyongyang. The revenue generated from Gazprom is intended to provide North Korea with $100 million per year in transit fees. 
    The recent development of more testing on their ballistic missiles
    system(s) to advance a Nuclear War, now, makes a political solution out of the question.  Washington, D.C. must take action to elimanate all known nuclear & ballistic missiles sites, without a Nuclear War!!!  If, China & Russia or the United Nations decide not to come on board...this should not stop a united front to bring North Korea into compliance or risk a War they cannot win over Nuclear Weapons.  North Korea's leadership is determined to the end goal of  starting a Nuclear War somewhere in the world !

    P.S. This is an issue of the present, not for future generations.

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