A Hillary ass Kissing contest.

 Another pupil of Saul Alinsky takes on the Republicans

Yesterday's Hillary Rotten Clinton hearings were for the most part a Republican love in or maybe we could call it a Hillary ass Kissing contest.  

There were only two or three Republicans that even asked questions that truly held her accountable.  Some say her bitch Act was a preview of her Macho-I'm mean and I can kick ass routine was her way laying the ground work for her run up to the 2016 run for the White House.  



This person and she is not a lady by any stretch of the imagination is flawed beyond belief (if only Vince Foster could testify)  she and her socialist husband Bubba have been feeding at the government trough since they left school. They are the best example of what a true Socialist/Marxist is..


Republicans just don't get it,never have never will, they are being rolled, used and abused by the left and I guess Hillary and her cameo appearance yesterday drives home that point-the Republican leadership is neutered,they have no backbone.

Like I have said many many times 


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