A Final Realization

My fellow American's and Tea Party associates, it is in the greatest regards to a realization that I am making this blog post.  I hope anyone who reads this keeps an open mind and understands why I'm making this post and I will make it clear right now.  I as a whole heartened patriotic American, who holds true to the ideals of freedom, liberty, and above all common sense.  This is my official declaration of war, not a war of violence and not a war of aggression.  A war of faith and a war of reason.  As politics dictates power driven holds no capacity for or to reason.  How are politicians came into the power they attained is beyond my comprehension but has not escaped my notice.  I personally do not believe in a government by representation because it has a trickle affect and by the time the information from the people have reached the top of the ladder it no longer is the same information as when it started.  It is my right to vote and it is a last true right we have and a right I will exercise.  But I no longer have a representative to vote for.  Upon my completion of a four year term in the United States Navy which I hope to be starting by this time next year.  I will be coming back to my home town and I will become a representative of a faith that seems to be long lost in our populace.  To bring back the true meaning of freedom.  It is a true unfortunate statement I make that by the time my four year term is up everything I've been fighting for over the last three years will be a wasted struggle.  I fear by the year 2018-19 the effects of our current presidential term will have taken hold and will have permanently crippled are nation.  Beyond the repair of just changing policies.  I fear we will be looking at a carcass of a nation that held not great success.  But a timer to what is happening now.  It will take more then policies to preserve are nation after its fall.  it'll take ideals and fortitude unknown of our time.  Time has given us all the reasons we have ever needed to prevent what is happening now.  When the Roman empire fell, when the Greek empire fell, Hitler and the third Reich, the Holocaust.  These are events in our history, not as a nation but as a people.  When the genocide of the Jewish race was in process it was an unspeakable act of inhumane action.  A war on rights and a war against order.  We are very possibly on a road to two events.  America will fall and there will be a second holocaust.  The time to act has come and gone what we may accomplish now is just a shadow of what we could have prevented.  We should bear arms and march forth unto are enemy.  A man who sits in office and smiles at the down fall of our nation.  A serpent sticking its fangs into our life blood and just poisoning us down to weak, defenseless, and spineless workers.  There was a time for talk and we passed it.  There was a time to bear arms and start fighting and we passed it.  There is a time however to still put an end to this tyranny but my biggest fear is.  It will cost lives.  I'm Richard Stahl and I support freedom, liberty, and common sense.

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  • I feel Martin L. King was even more down than we are ..... I do think people are reasonable but they have to be contacted and organized.  We haven't even tried to organize deep down into every precinct. Prayer should always be a 'first' step.

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