I am fortunate & blessed, to have an experienced some of the most prosperous years of our later America. 

America was 24/7  365 days a year jobs & careers for any person willing to work.

You could name a profession, a job description, an industry or classification & America was employed, 

Hovering around 4 % percent unemployment.

It was our Heritage & Culture, unbridled & unregulated. 

It was our Capitalism, Free Enterprise & Entrepreneurism allowed Americans to employ themselves in their quest to be independent, self sufficient  people that would meet or exceed in needs or requirement for themselves of that of their dependents. 

It was this Capitalism, Free Enterprise & Entrepreneurism that brought forth the decades of our greatest employers, the providers some of the greatest employment this Nation has ever experienced.

There were jobs & careers available at every pay scale imaginable that fit your qualifications. The jobs & careers that allowed the employed their independence & freedom to meet or exceed any needs or requirements they may have, or that of any dependent. 

Growing government became controllers, regulators & enmeshed in excessiveness, waste, fraud, abuse.

They themselves became controlled & influenced  by lobby, speculators, unions, special interest, dark money & global agenda.

We have made decades of very poor decisions of who we have voted for or allowed in our federal buildings.

We must align ourselves with those that are Un-Wavering Americans, Constitutionalist, Conservatives, Small Govers, & no matter what, we must deliver them to the Elected & Appointed Jobs of the governments of this Nations, City, County, State & our sick, dysfunctional, shameful & dangerous Federal Government. 

We can become an employed America, so easily, quicker than what one would even imagine.

We can watch crime drop to levels of the 60's with true employment across America.

We must see deregulation, We must see flat tax or consumption tax, The ( 5x7 Card ) while totally dismantling the IRS.

We must demand responsible, true fair trade agreements.

We must reel in foreign Aid

As our Troops come home, our Military must be assigned to the entire perimeter borders of this Nation, as part of their enlistment tours. 


We must have our vetted & approved candidates, Not those that are shoved down our throats. 

We must Dominate the Senate Seats & Gubernatorial Seats. 

We must pound our elected daily, from top to bottom, inside out with our Truth, our Requirements of Them.!



We must vote to end the decades of Economic, Financial, Social, Religious, Political Terrorism that pours from our federal building, Backed with our Tax Dollars & Shameful Borrowed Money.

God Bless America

Best Regard,

Jeff   07-22-13

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  • Charles:  I only hope and pray that Americans and especially the Tea Party members come to the same realization.  All of us are in a spiritual battle and oftentimes it seems that the Devil and his friends are winning but I know that he will be defeated and when that happens all Americans will gain the realization that God is in charge and that we survive only because of his graces and mercy which he wants to generously bestow on all of us.  He is always knocking on the door of our soul .... if only we answer his knock and open the door.   May God shower all possible graces and blessings on you and yours.   

  • Mr Louis Blasiotti.

    Louis you are 100% correct about leaving God out of the conversation.I have been stating for several years about this same subject almost got kicked off this site for stating it.We are in the fix were in because God has be thrown out of America.Untill the American People put God back in Charge America we will never bounce back.God however will protect his people in America but some must give their lives for God.Keep the faith and God Bless and Go with you.

  • Mr. Bowman,

    The reason that President Obama was reelected is because the Republicans did not regard the Conservative wing of the party as being able so they put up a closet liberal and lost the election.  Only true conservatives can win the White House for the Republicans.  The Republicans have been bamboozled by the liberal and moderate wing of the party.  When will they wake up??  Who knows.

    You are totally wrong about leaving God out of the conversation.  The reason we as a nation are in trouble is that too many of us have been leaving God out of our conversations and our lives.  We have been listening and following those who a moving to the opposite of God and religion and I will never believe otherwise.  Those who claim to have any wisdom or understanding of this world without God are deluding themselves.  The further they get away from God the more confused and lost they will find themselves.  This world belongs to God and it is through His grace and mercy that we are able to survive and prosper.  Without Him we are lost.  Sorry to disagree with you and hope that you and others will have the courage and sense to stand up and defend God and religion everywhere and to everyone.

  • Can anyone tell me what this is all about?  I sure would like to know?  http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/military-industrial-comp...

  • I spoke to one concerning this a long time ago and now look what ones pope is inferring to!  Guess I just don't have the correct attire then huh?   You know no money nor clout as it seems its' the only criteria which matters today regarding anyone listening?  Also not counting being a descendant of the house of David?


  • Amen jeff I couldent have said it any  better.Oh yes Miss Dee I see that your out to get me again by having to approve my comments before you post them shame.

  • I concur!!!

  • Excellent  sharing  people need to be reminded when America worked and people cared.

  • And the GOVERNMENT still wants more ILLEGAL ALIENS TO ENTER THE USA, and they will receive all the benefits. I THINK NOT.

  • The word is "AN" when it preceeds a vowel.  (AN employed America....")

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