A Common Sense Solution for Israel

Dick Morris is plugging Why Are Jews Liberal by Norman Podharetz. American Jews are liberal, explains Podharetz, because they grew up in liberal homes heavily influenced by the ideology inherited from their Eastern European ancestors. They embraced Marxism. Marx himself was a Jew.

Now I understand. Brotherhood, the quality of fellowship, fraternal, a socially just society, it fits this persecuted people. There can never be a socially just society when you give up your personal power. Power is a drive. It has nothing in common with reason and logic when you give someone an excess of power. The ideas the Jewish people have are all rubbish.

David killed Goliath for the promised land. What a joke! God doesn’t promise land. God is qualitative, not quantitative. David killed Goliath in order to take his land. So what else is new?

Look at the history of the Jews—persecuted people. It is the same story over and over; those poor, persecuted people have never learned the truth of the matter. They think of themselves, by God’s command, as a brotherhood with exclusive rights to a promised land. That’s bull! Give us a break! What will it take to convince Jews they are wrong? Iran’s aim is to blow Israel to hell. It’s the ghost of the Canaanites taking their revenge.

I’m looking beneath the surface at the real reasons for the hostility. The Jews took the land of Canaan; they took their nation from the Palestinians. They’ve got no God-given right to conquer another’s land. This is the sole cause of war. The idea of “holy war” is crazy thinking. Were I the President of the United States, instead of pussyfooting and apologizing, digging the United States into a hole deeper and deeper, and unspeakable disaster in the end, this would be my uncompromising stand: Make Palestine and Israel one nation. Hold an election or we don’t know you. You are on your own.

Get real! One way or another, Israel going to be history. Do it the right way and the bad guys would be without a cause. The Jews would no longer be the persecuted; they would be left without a Jewish cause.

You can’t fight the universe. Actually, we are entering the Age of Aquarius, a time of brotherhood and fraternity. We are all going to be in one big brotherhood, living and working together in peace.

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