A Call to Arms

A Call to Arms

Then Red Coats Are Already Here

Dear American Citizen:

The time to fight is upon us.  We must at this time decide, are we going to go to the slaughter like the proverbial lamb, or are we going to make a stand against tyranny and tell our elected officials to stand down.  We have so many elected officials who are slathering themselves in the blood of innocent slaughtered children that they are sickening.  Face it, we are governed by the largest collection of narcissistic sociopaths in the history of mankind.  Diane Feinstein is the worst offender; she absolutely rolled in the blood of Moscone and Milk in San Francisco to garner support for her bid to federal office and no matter what she tells you, those two were responsible for pushing a man over the edge.  Look it up but not in the San Francisco paper.


As I raised my children the one thing I tried to instill in them is:  If you do not think the law is correct, work within the legal system and get it changed.  Do not break the law and expect me to support you.  If they were caught breaking the rules (our internal Laws) they knew what to expect and I did my best not to disappoint them.  They have grown into two fine young men who love their parents, their country and the way of life we have.


One of my sons writes a blog.  Blog; http://www.ncgunblog.com/.  He is also associated with                  Grass Roots North Carolina.  This man suggested that the only way he felt we could get our point across is for the grass roots people, you and me, to demand that Gun manufacturers, gun accessory manufacturers and other companies to join together and boycott the State of New York for their blatant disregard for the Constitution, in general, and The Bill of Rights in particular.  I applaud my son for following the rules of engagement I taught him and I whole heartily believe in.  So far he has five companies agreeing to the boycott and is asking for us to contact Sig Sauer, Smith and Wesson and Glock and ask them to stop selling to any and all government agencies in the state of New York.  This should include all agencies even those not resident of New York but only stationed there.  Remember, there are a total of some 800,000 law enforcement officers, we number in the tens of millions.  I feel that if we as private citizens cannot own certain items neither should a policeman/woman.  They don’t need thirty rounds to defend themselves.  They don’t need a Glock with 19 rounds in it.  If they are such hot shots, they should accomplish their task with two or three.


I would like to call for a further boycott.  If the state of New York refuses to rescind these unconstitutional laws, then we all boycott the State of New York.  Do not even make airline connections through New York hubs.  Fly through Pittsburgh instead of Buffalo, Atlanta Instead of New York, etc.

Tea Party Command Center and Guns Save Life

, http://www.gunssavelife.com/?p=5800&utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=five-companies-tell-new-york-to-pound-sand

Having joined in publicizing the boycott, please join us now and let the politicians know.  We will follow the constitution and so must they.


Please forward this letter to all your friends who are freedom loving and like Minded.




A Damn Proud Dad

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