A Black Guy at the Dallas, TX Tea Party Rally

4063509125?profile=originalA big well dressed black guy attended the Dallas, TX tea party rally with his white buddy. Both men missed my singing performance on stage minutes earlier. I asked the black gentleman who had an impressive physique how often he worked out. He replied, “Everyday.” His white buddy said with a chuckle,“He thinks the Tea Party is racist.”

I went into explaining to the black man that these people could not care less about Obama's skin-color. They, along with me, disapprove of what Obama is doing – his policies. I gave a brief laundry list of things Obama is doing which go against what I believe to be right as an American and a Christian. The black gentleman silently listened. I gave him my business card and encouraged him to visit my website. LloydMarcus.com

But folks, I must be honest. I felt annoyed. This black man came to the rally with his white friend. They were surrounded by people waving American flags, laughing, smiling and cheering in response to various inspiring statements from the speaker on stage, Mr. Rafael Cruz whose son Ted Cruz is running for U.S. Senate. votetedcruz.org The senior Mr Cruz legally immigrated to America in his youth. He spoke of all the wonderful freedom, liberty and opportunity he found in America. There was not the slightest hint of hate in the air; only a cool refreshing breeze of love in the air for America, the greatest land of opportunity on the planet.

I thought, what gives this black guy the right to stand in the midst of this crowd of patriots and call them racists? Why was the burden on us to convince a black racist, this was not a racist gathering? Granted, he and I were the only blacks in attendance at the rally. But again, why was that the fault of the Tea Party? I wanted to say, “Dude, can't you see you'rethe one being racist?”

Despite feeling annoyed, I nurtured the black man. I explained that I subscribe to a higher standard which would never allow me to support a candidate solely because we shared the same skin color. I asked, “Don't you see how wrong that would be?” He did not respond, but simply looked at me as if I were insane. It was as if I was speaking a foreign language he did not understand or offering an incomprehensible bizarre concept.

I continued observing the rally from inside the Tea Party Express tour bus which was parked behind the stage serving as a backdrop. And there he was, the muscular tall well dressed black man who stood out in the white and Hispanic crowd. He stayed until the end – our grand finale military tribute.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman – www.CampaignToDefeatObama.com


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  • @SHERRY GILBERTSON:  And yes Sherry - the entire point was that Lloyd is black.  How many black conservatives do YOU know and what aren't they ALL conservatives?  We are speaking to the fraudulent myths being sold to an entire race, THAT isn't being "smug" but it sure is being racist BY THE LEFT!  We are trying to save them from themselves by not buying into the lie.  It amazes me that you cannot see how "smug" the race baiters are on the left.  THE MOST racist people out there.  Would you prefer us to be more like them and scream "RACIST" every time someone with vision can see we are all different from each other which makes us all the same in reality?  WE are not dividing this country, THEY ARE.  WE are trying to join everyone of all walks of life with each other but the left keeps telling the black community that that WE are holding them down, that they NEEEEEED the gvt, that they should always blame their past on usand that we're racist,  - and YOU are starting to believe it also.  I guess BET is okay with you, and the Black Causes in our own gvt... they are exclusive and specific to only black people... Racist?  Because they CALL themselves black.  Lloyd is calling HIMSELF black, his words, his article.  And YAY!  HE'S BLACK.  So what is your problem with black people calling themselves black?  By the way, "gook" is so 60's plus I would never use that word for the Asian race.  My neighborhood is middle class and we have puerto rican, blacks, hispanics and whites and Asians.  Only 255 homes so we are a TIGHT community.  NO ONE here is racist, or if they are they stay in their homes, which I do not see.  I believe the VAST MAJORITY of people in here are just like this. 

    Who in the Tea Party has ever called or even IMPLIED that of you and what makes you "know" you won't be accepted?  Or is this your own self image issue? Well then , com'ear and let me give you a big. fat hug.  You belong here - get over the left's hold on your head and lead with your heart.  And thank you for your fighting for us and your country.

  • Keep fighting the good fight, brother Marcus.  The sad thing about blacks who voted for Barack Hussein Obama because he is black is that they are closer, in most cases, socially and philosophically to me, a midwestern white teacher, than they are to HBO.  HBO is so tangibly far from mainstream Americans of all ethnic backgrounds that it amazes me that otherwise intelligent people believe that he cares about their dreams and aspirations.

  • SHERRY GILBERTSON:  If you don't understand why Mr. Marcus is emphasizing that he is black then you miss the entire point of this discussion. As for us not accepting you because you're a 'Gook', that is an Insult of the highest order. You've got a Self-Image Problem and you'ld better seek some Professional Help for it.  And as for your being a Gulf War Veteran, you Volunteered same as I and a lot of other guys did for Viet Nam (Korea, World War II, World War I) but most of us didn't become Professional Whiners about it. 

  • Being there just may cause him to ponder next time he hears someone else say the Tea Party is racist... he will have first hand experience that this is a lie and he will not support the disparaging claim. Be thankful he showed up to explore and not disrupt the gathering like those freaks for gay rights or the Black Panthers spewing their racist hate mongering... he came, he saw and now he cannot deny this didn't happen to him.

    If it takes getting them back to reality ONE AT A TIME... then so be it. Thanks for you efforts, Lloyd.

  • I've seen Loyd Marcus speaking at a few of the TEA Party events I've attended.  Each time I watched a personality, and not the race of the person speaking.  It's the race baiters like Al Sharpton, and Jessice Jackson who keep hammering away about race differences.  Too bad that so many Americans haven't figured out that they are being manipulated by those two low life instigators. 

  • The title of the article "A Black Guy at the Dallas, TX Tea Party Rally" says it all.  Why couldn't it just say "A Guy at the Dallas, TX Tea Party Rally" and not have to point out his "blackness?"  This is what makes me not want to be part of the Tea Party.  The smugness!  I believe in the same principles regarding the foundation of this nation and its Judeo-Christian roots.  I am a Christian and an Iraqi combat veteran.  And a foreign-born naturalized citizen.  But I know that the Tea Party will never accept me whole-heartedly as one of "them."  To them I will always be a "gook."


    Sherry,  have no fear from the Tea Party.  It is Patriot Americans like us that are for Liberty for every LEGAL Immigrant & American Citizen.  The Liberal Democrat Party is the Party of division.  Many of their policies have created distrust and anger among Americans.  They are the ones that base everything on race, and many of their policies have alienated us.  Without all of their divisive policies there would the attitude of,  we are all Americans,  and without MILLIONS of Illegal trespassers, there would be assimilation into American ideals, language, & customs. 

    Please believe that it is people as us,  that are the Spirit of America as we were founded.

  • We've got Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr. Walter Williams, Dr. Condi Rice, Dr. Alan Keyes (who I wrote in for President twice vs Geo. Bush), The Hon. Clarence Thomas, Mr. Herman Cain, and Col. Allen West (the next Vice-President of The United States of America).

    They got Rev. Al, Rev. Jesse, Rev. Louie, and Rev. Jeremiah Wright. 

  • I remember as a kid reading a comic book called Bizzarro world. Aint it something when a comic book comes true.

  • Remember, ONLY Whites can be RACIST!  That is BS, along with morons posting here, that because they wore their 911 was an inside job shirts, and were asked to leave. Why did they wear them to this type of event? Because of low self esteem, and the need to be "noticed". There will always be those who cant stand what the THINKING Majority want, so they will use the   DISCRIMINATION CARD, THE RACE CARD, HOMOPHOBIC CARD, CHAUVINISTIC CARD. STOP feeling WHITE or BLACK "guilt" for your beliefe. These PARASITES will feed off that, and once they realise it doesm't work anymore, they will eat each other.

  • I love Loyd Marcus , Thomas Sowell , Walter Williams , Herman Cain , Star Parker , Bill Cosby , Vince Coakley , and many other black conservatives that serve this country in the best way they can by taking part in the effort to save her . Unfortunately only about 20% of blacks aren't racist and many of them are reluctant to step forward because of their community ostracizing them . The TEA party is a party that is in a difficult situation much as the founding fathers ,the country is in the same situation as it was then , with a king and his court not representing the people but deeply indebting them . The TEA people must keep a very narrow gate only allowing expressions of rightwing constitutional traditional conservative values . The danger of allowing all the rights of free speech are that leftwing philosophy will take up time , wasted except by the left which will water down and divide our " house " and blur our identity till we become as useless as the present republican party which doesn't have the moral courage to stand fast for the constituion , nor the vision to create policies which will solve rather than perpetuate the problems . Vision and statesmanship are sadly lacking in our side of the aisle as is unity of purpose .

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