A Battle Victory, but a Turncoat Among Us!

We had a small but significant battle victory yesterday when we stopped the "vote" on the disgusting bill that Mr. Boehner was going to send over to the senate.  That liberal bill would have been twisted further into the communist mold and sent back to the house, eventually being "passed".  That would have been a victory for the communist-led senate. 


But as often occurs during an argument, one can find out what side a person really stands on when the pressure increases.  In this case, Allen West of Florida, showed his true colors.  From what I understand from FOX News this morning, Mr. West was voted in by us, yet he now favors the business-as-usual, liberal and spineless "bill" that John Boehner put forth to be voted upon yesterday.  That bill would have been an aid and comfort to the enemy. 


Take notice Florida Tea Party!  You have a turncoat among you!  You better make plans to VOTE OUT Mr. Allen West the first chance you get.  He apparently likes his new job better than his duty to the citizens of conservative Florida!  Keep throwing the tea overboard!

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