To see just where Tea Party Patriots stand in their support of all the Original Republican candidates, this would be interesting.  They are listed in alphabetical order.

1. Michele Bachmann

2. Herman Cain

3. Newt Gingrich

4. Jon Huntsman

5. Ron Paul

6. Tim Pawlenty

7.Rick Perry,  (entered late)

8. Mitt Romney

9. Rick Santorum

    (Please, just your list, 1-2-3-4, & nothing else.)

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  • Elaine, the "anyone but obama" crowd is who I am referring to. I am not going to be stampeeded into voting for the lesser of 2 evils again. Voting for mitty is just like voting for obama. Mitty is sneakier but he is just as evil. The NWO establishment doesn't care if we have obama or mitty as long as we have one of their choices. I like the "vote for anyone but obama, as long as it is this guy" attitude of the NWO globalists in the republicrat party. Remember, G W Bush and a republicrat Congress gave us the "Patriot" Act, Homeland Security, warrantless wiretaps, and the TSA. That didn't come from Demoncrats in control of anything.

  • The opposition has all of the liberals, minorities, gays, union members, the media, teachers, college professors, a good number of white voters, soros, hollywood, TV personalities and believe it or not, most of Wall Street and the banks....Our only chance is for Tea Party members and other conservatives to join the GOP establishment in beating obama and  his social left wing crowd. There are simply too many of "them" for us to take a chance on splitting our support. The gamble is too great and our kids and grand kids will ultimately pay the price for our "splitting hairs". Newt is my choice and has been all along. I hope that Romney wins and uses Newt's talent and skills to revierse the direction on the nation. If we can do this, maybe our next president will be a real conservative. If we do not, we will all become slaves to the government.

  • If you are correct Elaine, and you may be.  I guess we see what happens.  We are in SPIRITUAL warfare without ANY doubt and our BIGGEST (not only, but biggest) weapon is sincere prayer.  

  • Mr. Robert Patrick...the voice of reason! :-)

  • Bob, call him Mitty poo if you like, changes nothing, but IF he gets the nomination at the convention I will vote for him and he will then be President Romney.  IF it is a brokered convention then so be it.  i wanted NEWT!!  BUT I am voting for whomever gets the gop nomination.  To vote ANY other way means the dictator may remain and we are done.

  • Look, this nomination process is over. Romney is not my choice either, but he is going to be the nominee and any votes for anyone outside of the GOP noominee will be a vote for obama. Remember Ross Perot? I wish we could have a true movement for a real conservative, but it has not happened and probably will not in our lifetime. Settling for Romney is better than settling for obama. I do not like it anymore than the rest of you. Like it or not,between the GOP establishment and all of the "looking for something free" crowd of the left, there are not enough of us conservatives to win the WH. We are outnumbered by a wide margin. I can remember my grandad who lived to be 92 and died in '88 say "son, I have outlived my time".....I am beginning to understand what he meant by that. 

  • The New World Order Waltz has always been two steps ahead then one step back, two steps ahead and one step back. The lesser of the two establishment candidates is the step back and prepares us for the two steps ahead as we become disenchanted with him.

  • 5 Ron Paul

    Okay.  7,2,1.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate serious about reversing NDAA, CISPA, HR 347, and drone surveillance of America. 
    He is also the only candidate with a credible plan for eradicating crushing American debt.

  • 1, 9, 5, 6

  • Elaine, I am indeed familiar with Southern compliments (Oklahoma). There are sinister games being played and too many Americans are merely willing pawns in the game of tyranny.

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