To see just where Tea Party Patriots stand in their support of all the Original Republican candidates, this would be interesting.  They are listed in alphabetical order.

1. Michele Bachmann

2. Herman Cain

3. Newt Gingrich

4. Jon Huntsman

5. Ron Paul

6. Tim Pawlenty

7.Rick Perry,  (entered late)

8. Mitt Romney

9. Rick Santorum

    (Please, just your list, 1-2-3-4, & nothing else.)

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  • 8,3,2,9.

    Hay, Tea Party! Don't be a Ft. Wayne In. Republican and stick a knife in Mit's back.

    I watch it happen here and will never forgive them for it.

    The anointed one got beat in primaries. And he put out a call for all his people, to vote DimRat.

    Thinking they could come back in 4years. They Got A Big Surprise! Rightly So.  

    Lets not get me started, I'll just say the Repulbican party of Indiana will never get one red cent of my

    money. EVER    B

  • 3, 1, 2, 9

  • I read well other do not like Romney , so lets get Mitch Daniels to run as a independent. We suppose to be American Not REP or Dem

  • 10,7,2,3.

    You lift on one out Mitch Daniels number 10 so I added him

  • In full agreement with Robert Patrick... Romney is not my choice but if Obama wins there never will be another election. The dictator will be in place and the other two branches of government will be disbanded. Strategically, Romney will more likely pull in more independent and disenchanted mildly liberals (with hard core unreachable with logic and reality). After using him as an emergency tire, in another 4 years we press for a real, Founding Father type of Conservative. But we have to get out of immediate danger first - no running back into the burning building for non-essentials.


    (Well stated Noni,)    Paul Z.)

  • mitty the poo will sell us out just as fast as obama will. The only difference is who we get sold to. Mitty is a big government whore supported by George Soros and the repulbicrat establishment. If they were the answer Bush would have solved all our problems instead of making them worse. I will vote 3rd party instead of wasting my vote on a NWO globalist.


    Bob,  I fact checked your claim, and Elaine's claim that Soros endorced Romney. I replied below, but as the saying goes, by repeating untruths long enough, they become accepted truths.  This is the exact tactic used by socialists. (I am not calling you a socialist)

    Michael Vachon,  personal advisor & spokeman for George Soros states,  "It is disingenous to use George's comments that way.  He certainly doesn't support Mitt Romney."   This is in  replying to the Gingrich campaign attack.   Paul Z.

  • Thank yous to Paul Z and to Robert Patrick! Again, it is not an all or nothing proposition.  That is not how the Communist/Socialists do it either.  It is is varying steps as you can over time to make head way.  Anything less means the" present evil/s" remain.  Otherwise you are playing right into their hands.

  • There is a lot talk on this site about the obvious nominee for the GOP. Consider this, do you want another term under obama, with him not to worry about another election, with him using executive orders to mandate our lives without going through congress, 4 more years of eric holder as DOJ, biden as our VP, obamacare, more taxes, less freedom, illegals given citizenship, the bankruptcy of our nation, the dollar in a free fall as far as value, the laughing stock of the world, and on and on and on?


    OR, Romney, a proven business leader and winner? A candidate that will attract enough independent voters to beat the "give me more of your money crowd", a president smart enough to surrond himself with other smart people, and on and on and on?

    A third party candidate cannot win and also will be a repeat of Ross Perot. Again, Newt was my choice, then Santorum, and not Romney. He is our only chance at this time to stop the socialist moverment in our nation. If he can turn the economy around, maybe we can nominate and elect a more conservative person next time. In the the interim, we better be sending as many conservatives to the Senate and House as we possibly can.


    by Paul Z.   (Thank you Robert, my thinking exactly and the reason for this Post.)

  • Elaine,  I have fact-checked your claims on Soros endorcing Romney.  Michael Vachon, personal advisor and spokesman for Soros, states, "It is disingenuous to use George's comments that way. He certainly doesn't support Mitt Romney."

    You continue to find bits & pieces of information from anywhere on the web and try to spin them to fit your beliefs.  This as not acceptable for Patriots.   You have stated that you would vote for Romney if he is our nominee, but have been constantly using misleading statements in almost every Post, irregardless of the Post's subject.

    I could post links about Gingrich being backed by Soros as well.  Like this one, but I don't do things like this to sway opinions:


    Uh Oh! George Soros Paid for Ad Featuring Newt and Nancy Pelosi Shilling For Al Gore’s Global Warming Scam

  • To quote Paul Z.:  People that back our nominee aren't all unthinking or unPatriotic "Anybody but Obama", but realize that there is a big difference between the "known,  unprecedented" evil we have now, and a so-called lesser evil.  


    by Paul Z.  Thank you Cherie,  and those, that after seeing the utter evil & socialism of Obama, would let him remain in power by either Not voting OR wasting their vote on a 3rd. Party or write-in to express their Patriotism or principles, will ensure we will not be left with the Liberty to do so in the future.  With the division and large percentages of government dependent Americans & "Illegals", we won't "instantly" get everything we want, but with a man with the business & economic knowledge & experience of Romney, as well as his many other good qualities, he will get the country fiscally solvent again, and by doing so, show Americans the completely wrong policies of Obama, and vote more conservatives into Congress in the future.

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