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Posted on Creeping Sharia-By creeping-On July 1, 2011:

“Islamists never miss an opportunity to exploit American holidays to promote and spread Islam and sharia law. Then again, Muslims don’t consider them American holidays. July 4, what Americans consider their Independence Day, is not what Muslims in America are taught by other Muslims to consider the day. As noted at an earlier year’s convention.

Last week Muslims from the extremist Hizb ut Tahrir met in Chicago to tell Muslims in America how they can establish a global caliphate ruled by Islamic sharia law. Illinois is also hosting this Islamist fest of the Islamic Society of North America – designated as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Hamas-funding Holy Land Foundation convictions.

July 1 – 4, 2011

Rosemont Convention Center

5555 N. River Road

Rosemont, IL 60018

As expected, the world’s leading Islamist instigators and apologists for Islam, sharia and jihad will be present. The convention, as well as the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim Student Association (MSA). When Congressmen (Ellison & Carson), police chiefs (Lee Baca), university professors, media personalities (Zogby), and State Dept. “outreach” partners have no qualms about meeting with terror-linked Muslim organizations it speaks volumes about the direction the United States is heading.

Numerous speakers or their organizations have been banned from working with the FBI and U.S. military.

The FBI and CIA couldn’t wish for a gathering of so many Islamists in one place at one time, yet unfortunately rather than acting on the opportunity, they are more likely to be participating with a booth or as speakers.

See the full list here.

From previous year’s:

ISNA’s annual convention, over July 4th, a Who’s Who of Islamist’s and jihad supporters

“At unindicted co-conspirator to a terror-funding case ISNA’s 2009 Islamist convention over the Fourth of July weekend, it was declared that Independence Day is a Muslim day. There, a U.S. congressman (either Keith Ellison or Andre Carson) quoted a jihadi Muslim. It was also the first disclosure of the Islam on Capitol Hill event that Creeping Sharia told you about first.

Hamza Yusuf (white guy): Stated, “[America] a country that has little to be proud of in its past and less to be proud of in the present. I am a citizen of this country not by choice but by birth…I became Muslim in part because I did not believe in the false gods of this society whether we call them Jesus or democracy or the Bill of Rights.” He’s also a partner with Zaid Shakir, who has stated that it is OK for Muslims to attack Fort Bragg.

Siraj Wahhaj (black guy w/ beard): an unindicted co-conspirator to the 1993 WTC bombing and preacher of jihad.

Keith Ellison: a CAIR-supporting Democratic U.S. congressman, and Muslim Brotherhood paid hajji, who attended the College of Sharia over Presidents Day weekend in 2009.

The 2009 conference of Muslim Brotherhood friends was not very kind to infidels. In fact, CAIR created fake pictures to get one investigator ejected from the conference.

According to Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, the Muslim ummah is defeated because Muslims left jihad after being defeated by Charles Martel. At ISNA’s 2004 conference (over Labor Day weekend), Hamza Yusuf stated:

“Democracy must embrace Islam” (not the other way around)”

Despite this year’s quaint themes, there are standard topics of sharia, the rising threat of homosexuals – particularly among Muslism, and staying true to Allah’s goal until all worship Allah only. Check both the ISNA and MSA programs for details.

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ISNA conference, July 4th, to teach Muslims to reconcile sharia with U.S. laws



Note: The following articles and/or blog posts relate to this disturbing issue-You Decide:

I. Is George Soros Forging a Closer Alliance With the Muslim Brotherhood?

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Posted on The Blaze-By Tiffany Gabbay-On June 30, 2011:

For conservatives, the mere mention of George Soros joining forces with the Muslim Brotherhood conjures images of an unholy alliance forged in the fiery pits of Mordor.

Yet according to several reports, including one from FrontPageMag on Monday, that alliance is in fact being forged. The reports connect George Soros to the Muslim Brotherhood through his various shadow organizations including the International Crisis Group and his new spokesmen, Marwan Muasher and Mohamed ElBaradei. Soros along with Muasher and ElBaradei have consistently been featured in media downplaying the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood — and even urged the Egyptian government to “normalize” relations with the militant group earlier in the year.

Never failing to miss an opportunity to undermine the U.S. and Israel, Soros is working tirelessly to help the enemy of his enemies.

Consistently referring to Israel as the “stumbling block” to peace in the Middle East, Soros makes no bones about his hopes for the Brotherhood.

He even heartily encouraged giving the Muslim Brotherhood a place at Egypt‘s table when the country’s streets erupted into flames of dissent earlier this year.

FrontPage observes:

“The numerous ties of Soros and his Shadow Party cohorts have been documented; they include the master puppeteer’s own Open Society Institute and various anti-Western Islamist groups in the revolutions. It has been confirmed, for instance, that the International Crisis Group (ICG), led in part by Soros, has long petitioned for the Egyptian government to “normalize” ties with the previously banned Brotherhood – for example, in a June 2008 report called “Egypt’s Muslim Brothers: Confrontation or Integration?” And this talking point is echoed by Brian Katulis, senior fellow at the Soros-funded Center for American Progress:

“Any real democratic opening would lead to greater participation of groups like the Muslim Brotherhood in a future Egyptian government.”

To delve deeper Muasher, former deputy prime minster of Jordan, oversees research at the Soros-funded Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

In a recent interview with prominent TV journalist Christiane Amanpour, who never misses an opportunity to promote repellent moral relativism about fundamentalist Islam, Middle East analyst Marwan Muasher declared, “The Muslim Brotherhood has been used for a long time as a scare tactic” (emphasis added). This eyebrow-raising dismissal of legitimate concerns about the world’s largest Islamist movement went unchallenged by Amanpour – no surprise there – although Muasher did weakly concede this: “that is not to say they don’t have designs.”

Considering these “designs,” the group’s swift, successful entrenchment around the globe, and its spawning of such alumni as current al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri, only the willfully naive or complicit could claim that the Brotherhood shouldn’t be taken seriously as a threat.

Whichever Muasher is guilty of, he feels perfectly comfortable inviting the Brotherhood into the political mix of the Arab world’s current turmoil. 

A recent report reveals that Muasher, a former Jordanian diplomat, has praised the revolutions rocking the region and has called for the inclusion of Islamist groups in any pluralistic, fledgling democracies that may emerge. The ostensible reasoning is that Muslim fundamentalists like the Brotherhood have a legitimate role to play and deserve to be allowed to compete on the supposedly level playing field of the marketplace of ideas. It might even temper their radicalism.

ElBaradei, on the other hand, sits on the board of Soros’ International Crisis Group and is reportedly seeking to run for president in Egypt.

FrontPage adds:

(Not coincidentally, Mohamed ElBaradei sits on the board of Soros’ ICG, along with others who advocate dialogue with Hamas, the Muslim Brothers’ violent Palestinian branch. And as I have written elsewhere, “as the former head of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency… ElBaradei repeatedly stonewalled international efforts to put the brakes on Iran’s ambitions.” No friend of Israel or America, he.)

But by calling for the Muslim Brotherhood to be given a seat at the table and a hand in fashioning the future of the Arab world, George Soros may be biting off more than he can chew with this alliance of convenience

A Washington Post OpEd written by Soros in February perhaps revealed the first signs of Soros’ Muslim Bortherhood sympathies blooming.

After unilaterally deciding America’s power and influence in the world had all but vanished, Soros trivialized American and Israeli fears over the civil unrest in Egypt, and dismissed the idea that dissidents who sought to topple the Mubarak regime would be be hostile to Israel. Soros even went so far as to say the dissidents were “not advancing a theocratic agenda at all.” Soros then praised the only organized political force in the region: you guessed it — the Muslim Brotherhood.

Regarding Egypt, Soros wrote:

“President Obama personally and the United States as a country have much to gain by moving out in front and siding with the public demand for dignity and democracy. This would help rebuild America’s leadership and remove a lingering structural weakness in our alliances that comes from being associated with unpopular and repressive regimes. Most important, doing so would open the way to peaceful progress in the region.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s cooperation with Mohamed ElBaradei, the Nobel laureate who is seeking to run for president, is a hopeful sign that it intends to play a constructive role in a democratic political system. As regards contagion, it is more likely to endanger the enemies of the United States – Syria and Iran – than our allies, provided that they are willing to move out ahead of the avalanche.

The main stumbling block is Israel.  In reality, Israel has as much to gain from the spread of democracy in the Middle East as the United States has. But Israel is unlikely to recognize its own best interests because the change is too sudden and carries too many risks.”

Let’s clarify:

  • The U.S. would repair its alleged “structural weakness” and “have much to gain” by aiding dissidents — dissidents America knew nothing about — topple a sitting regime with which it already had good relations.
  • Israel is a “stumbling block” because she fears the obvious risks associated with the establishment of an Israel-hostile Egyptian regime — yet fails to see how embracing such a regime would be in her “own best interests.”
  • The Muslim Brotherhood, with its history of violence, allegedly shows promising signs it intends to embrace democracy because it cooperated with one Mohamed ElBaradei, “Nobel laureate. If past Nobel prize winners are any indication, that’s not exactly encouraging.

Well that certainly is some Orwellian logic Soros has going for him.

WorldNetDaily also reveals additional details about ICG’s “Egypt’s Muslim Brothers Confrontation or Integration” report. ICG allegedy implored the Egyptian regime to allow Muslim Brotherhood to participate in political life and trivialized Egypt’s crackdown on the Brotherhood as “dangerously short-sighted.”

The ICG report also allegedly called on then President Hosni Mubarak to allow the “establishment of a political party with religious reference” i.e. Muslim Brotherhood.

While Soros heads the executive committee for ICG, some of its U.S. board members raise eyebrows as well. According to WorldNet:

“U.S. board members include Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was national security adviser to Jimmy Carter; Samuel Berger, who was Bill Clinton’s national security adviser; and retired U.S. ambassador Thomas Pickering, who made headlines in 2009 after meeting with Hamas leaders and calling for the U.S. to open ties to the Islamist group.

Another ICG member is Robert Malley, a former adviser to Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign. He resigned after it was exposed he had communicated with Hamas.  WND reported Malley long had petitioned for dialogue with Hamas.”

Given his penchant for an “all-inclusive” one world government, one wonders what Soros sees in the militant Muslim Brotherhood. Perhaps he just sees the alliance as an opportunity to side against his enemies the U.S. and Israel, and subvert their efforts abroad.

(H/T FrontPage and WND)”



II. The Obama Administration Opens Formal Contacts With the Muslim Brotherhood!

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Posted on National Review Online- By Andrew C. McCarthy-On June 30, 2011:

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Besides explaining what the Muslim Brotherhood is and has always been, the major point of The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the West Sabotage America was to warn that this day was coming. And so it has come: Reuters reports that the Obama administration has established a policy of formal contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood is the world’s most important Islamist organization. It is openly, unabashedly committed to the destruction of the United States and the West.

In typical Obama fashion, this disastrous decision to engage America’s avowed enemies has been couched as the mere continuation of prior policy: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is reported to have confirmed that the U.S. would “resume” contacts which had “occurred in recent years.” But make no mistake about it, this is a new policy. 

The contacts that have occurred in recent years have been outside of U.S. policy — at the urging of leftists in the State Department, the intelligence community, the commentariat, and, in particular, the Obama White House. They have long campaigned for a policy of “engagement” with the Muslim Brotherhood (including Hamas, the terrorist organization that is the Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch). They’ve needed to do this campaigning because it was American policy not to deal with the Brotherhood — dealing with the Brothers empowers them, bolstering their status as leaders of mainstream Islam and legitimizing their agenda, which calls for Islamicizing societies, ultimately establishing a global caliphate, destroying Israel, and incrementally expanding sharia throughout the West.

This day has been coming since President Obama’s first day in office.

In 2007-08, the Brotherhood was proved by the Justice Department to be engaged in what the Brotherhood itself describes as a “grand jihad” aimed at the “elimination and destruction of Western civilization from within” by “sabotage.” The title of my book was not my words but theirs — taken from their internal memoranda, seized by the FBI from the home of a Brotherhood official. The Brotherhood’s anti-U.S. strategy was not news to anyone who follows Islamist movements, but the proof for all to see came during the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) trial, during which several defendants were convicted of funneling millions of dollars to Hamas. Supporting Hamas’s terrorist war against Israel has been the Brotherhood’s highest priority in the U.S. since Hamas was formed, and trial evidence showed unmistakably that the leading Islamist organizations in the U.S. — almost all either formed by or having ties to the Brotherhood — were complicit.

Among the most important of these is the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which was designated as an unindicted coconspirator by the Justice Department and shown by prosecutors to have housed the HLF in its offices and to have helped it transfer money to Hamas fronts overseas. 

Yet, only a few months after the convictions, the Obama administration dispatched Valerie Jarrett, the president’s close friend and top political adviser, to give the keynote address at ISNA’s 2009 convention.

This was only the most notorious of the administration’s outreach episodes involving groups (such as CAIR), which were shown to be Brotherhood affiliates and Islamist apologists.

Indeed, by the time of Ms. Jarrett’s appearance at the ISNA convention, ISNA president Ingrid Mattson had been chosen to speak at Obama’s inauguration ceremonies, and Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Arif Alikhan (who has referred to Hezbollah as a “liberation movement”) was named assistant secretary for policy development at Obama’s Homeland Security Department.

At around the same time, at his 2009 Cairo speech — which was one big “outreach” to Islamists — the administration infuriated the Mubarak regime by inviting Brotherhood members to attend, even though the Brotherhood was then a formally banned organization under Egyptian law.

Ultimately, of course, the administration pushed Mubarak aside even though it was clear by then that his fall would usher the Brotherhood into power. That will happen in the upcoming fall elections, the Brothers having successfully lobbied for a rapid election schedule that will prevent the formation of any meaningful secular opposition.

In the meantime, the administration has worked feverishly to whitewash the Brotherhood’s extremism and support of terrorism.

As I have argued, Obama officials were preparing the ground for the Brotherhood’s ascendancy. They understand the political consequences of this catastrophe for the president … if the American people come to recognize what the Brotherhood is and how deeply it despises America and the West.

Thus, as the uprising in Egypt intensified, Obama adviser Bruce Reidel was quick to pen an essay called “Don’t fear Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood” (to which I responded here on NRO).

James Clapper, Obama’s director of national intelligence, then proceeded to insult Congress’s intelligence — and badly damage his reputation for seriousness — by branding the Brotherhood as a moderate, largely secular organization. (Besides being known as the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization’s motto remains, “Allah is our objective, the Prophet is our leader, the Koran is our law, Jihad is our way, and dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope — Allahu Akbar!“)

Only a few months before Clapper’s testimony, the Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide, Muhammad Badi, called for “jihad and sacrifice” in confronting the United States and Israel.

He proclaimed that America is “experiencing the beginning of its end and is heading toward its demise.”

The enthusiastic endorsement of violence, particularly against Israel, would be surprising only to those who drink the Obama Kool-Aid that claims the Brotherhood has renounced violence.

As I have repeatedly pointed out — and as Barry Rubin argues in this excellent analysis of the new Obama policy — the Brotherhood has always favored violence where it would advance the Islamist cause; it tactically renounced violence against the Egyptian regime because it would have prompted ruinous retaliation from Mubarak and because the Brotherhood was making progress through the political process and influence over Egyptian institutions.

Quite apart from its long history of violence, the Brotherhood has long endorsed terrorism (which it calls “resistance”) against Israel and against Western forces operating in Islamic countries.

The Brothers also favor an inside/outside strategy against the U.S. and Europe — exploiting the atmosphere of intimidation created by Islamist terrorists like al Qaeda to exercise outsize influence over American and Western policy-makers while advancing the sharia agenda through “peaceful” political means. It was not surprising, then, that the Brotherhood’s former Supreme Guide, Mohammed Mahdi Akef, praised Osama bin Laden as a “mujahid” (a jihad warrior) in a 2008 interview — adding that, though the Brotherhood objected to al Qaeda’s targeting of civilians, “I support its activities against the occupiers,” and concluding that bin Laden deserved praise for his “sincerity in resisting the occupation,” a point on which the al Qaeda leader was said to be “close to Allah on high.”

The Brotherhood’s approach is popular in Egypt and throughout the Islamic Middle East.

Indeed, shortly after Mubarak fell, the Brotherhood’s leading jurisprudent, Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, was given a hero’s welcome in Tahrir Square, where he had been banned from inciting Islamist revolutionaries for 30 years. The sheikh is the most influential Islamic cleric in the world. Drawing on classical sharia teaching, he instructs that Islam and secularlism cannot co-exist.

Moreover, Qaradawi has promised that Islam will “conquer” America and Europe, he calls for the annihilation of Israel by violent jihad, he incited the murderous rioting over the Danish cartoon depictions of Mohammed, and he has issued fatwas approving suicide bombings and the terrorist murder of American troops and support personnel in Iraq.

I’m sure you’ll be shocked to learn that the State Department has nevertheless long regarded Qaradawi as an “intelligent and thoughtful voice from the region” who is “an important figure that deserves our attention” (to quote Alberto Fernandez, State’s director of public diplomacy in the Middle East during the Bush years).

Since Mubarak’s fall, the Brotherhood has worked toward formally reestablishing Egypt’s ties with Iran and for ending the peace agreement with Israel.

The Brotherhood is also behind the “Peace Flotilla” expeditions in which Islamists and Leftists join together in efforts to break Israel’s blockade against Hamas in Gaza — the American part of the effort is being spearheaded by such old Obama friends former PLO spokesman Rashid Khalidi, Code Pink founder Jodi Evans, and Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn — and the planned U.S. ship is called, yes, The Audacity of Hope

Meanwhile, the Obama Justice Department has pulled the plug on further prosecution of the Muslim Brotherhood affiliates identified as coconspirators in the Holy Land Foundation case. And now we’ll be formally engaged with the Brotherhood overseas just as we’ve been formally embracing its operatives in our own country.

The Grand Jihad is right on schedule."



III. Clinton Admits We Are Now Reaching Out to the Muslim Brotherhood!

Posted on The Blaze-By Jonathon M. Seidl-On June 30, 2011:

BUDAPEST, Hungary (The Blaze/AP) — The Obama administration is reaching out to the Muslim Brotherhood in a “limited” effort to build ties and promote democratic principles ahead of Egypt’s upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says the U.S. isn’t adopting a new policy. She says the administration wants to engage all Egyptian groups as long as they espouse nonviolence.

“We believe, given the changing political landscape in Egypt, that it is in the interests of the United States to engage with all parties that are peaceful, and committed to non-violence, that intend to compete for the parliament and the presidency,” Clinton told reporters at a news conference.

“Now in any of those contacts, prior or future, we will continue to emphasize the importance of and support for democratic principles and especially a commitment to non-violence, respect for minority rights, and the full inclusion of women in any democracy.”

Clinton says the hardline group also must respect minority rights and the full inclusion of women in the political sphere.

The Brotherhood favors a regime guided by Islamic Sharia law and was outlawed under former strongman Hosni Mubarak. It also reportedly birthed the major terrorist group, Hamas.

Israel is wary of any engagement with the Muslim Brotherhood because of the hostility some of its members have expressed toward the Jewish state.”



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