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  • I'm certain if the govt tried to quell an organized revolt with deadly force via union organized police force, they would fire on their own citizens. On the other hand, having served in the Marines, and knowing those around me, most military units would turn their weapons against any government, that would ask them to do so.
  • I have suggested that to do do will eventually be the only option

    The big question is how long before that occurs

    I say within 18 months and it will be a financial break down that triggers it

  • Yes three Percenter here!! Who will join me?
  • A black mayor in Philly dropped a bomb on M.O.V.E. members house setting two city blocks of homes on fire in the early 80's. Look what they did at Ruby Ridge and WACO. They would kill us before we could do anything.

  • That is the only way this can be resolved. This Country was born from a Victory of War and probably will only be rescued by war. Problem is, over 200 hundred years ago we didn't have military that could drop bombs on us if we all decided to storm DC. If thousands of patriots took to the streets we know we wouldn't get too far.

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