I am not afraid of any world government. That is why I have no problem in stating these certain Facts!
Obama puts Terrorist in power (muslim brotherhood) and arms America's and Israel's enemies, on going, since elected, Has declared open war on Christians and conservatives in the U.S., supports every whacked out ideology and cult, refuses to do more than send a few soldiers(less than a High School football game) into danger, Uses the term"Boots on Ground"( when it should be boots up the backside of the Fascist criminal Obama). uses a fake name to impress other idiots. I could go on, but everyone knows that this foreigner/president is doing all he can. (to kill off Christians and Hebrews) and usher in the Final Judgement of God. He's right on schedule now.

If any of you are too cowardly to say what you really mean, or stand up for what you believe, then Join Boehner in the Democrat Party. (I like how spell check always puts up Boehner's real name "Boner")

How many Liberals are in the Tea Party these days? Just read some of the Two Faced Post supporting the Fascist in Power in the Republican Party.

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