Am I just expecting to much or am I the ignorant one? I thought the state of the union was all about explaining (the state of the union. Did I miss something? Although I already basically know  what the state is it seems to me it has become something less that explaining to congress or the American people where we stand as a country. If any president wants to inspire the people with things he will try to do to better our country or praise the people for a job well done then so be it, but at least tell me what state we are in.

I gather from the speech that all is well. We really don't need to change much is to give everybody  a raise and everything will be ok.

By the way, do we still owe any money or did we take care of that?

Please, from a everyday common working man, someone that admits that he knows very little about politics and what it takes to fix things. I would just like to see a real leader stand up and lead. to lead in truth and honesty with the interest of the people in mind, the betterment of this country at heart, and be willing to die if necessary to do what is right. I believe the word honesty has been removed from our dictionary. Maybe it's like so many other words we use, it's not removed but just been redefined to make it easier to call one honest without a true standard being set.

When I say this, it does not mean that the betterment of this country has to be just as I define it, although the way I define it would not be bad. Having the backbone to speak truth, lifting a standard that will make other people have to lift theirs and stand on their own two feet, be debt free and live within my means. If we could just get back to the foundations that forged this country with the pride of being part of something bigger than one's self and each person, even if they have very little being willing to give all they had to create a strong nation and doing this from our hearts rather than being forced at every hand to.

Constitution, I have one. I'm not forced by myself to keep it. If I fall short of it, I am  bothered by my inability to live up to my own standards, but it also strengthens me with a will to not fall short in that way again.

Do you realize that I, like most Americans don't know all the constitutions of my own country? I know some of it but probably would not have it all in order. At the same time I'd be willing to bet you I live by it closer than some people that know it well. Most of it is a natural thing if anyone desires to do what id right. To go against it is a sign of weakness in one's own character, and also the self-designed constitution they have set for themselves. You mean to tell me that it takes a constitution to tell me that all men are created equal or that what you have is yours and I can't have it? What a shame if we have come to this.

Anyway, I didn't hear the state of the union although I listened. This could be very revealing.

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  • Well, for an erroneous answer, you could tune in on the main stream media. However, if you don't mind significantly skewed programs, ....their reports may not give you honest answers, but you will at least be provided with some bizarre entertainment.


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