Yesterday November 15, 2013 I heard Senator Cornyn of the great state of Texas on a radio show in San Antonio Texas, WOAI 1200 AM.  He was being interviewed by talk show host Joe Pags.  Pags asked the Senator why Congress did not stop Obama in view of the fact that he had openly and intentionally committed unlawful and Un-Constitutional acts.  The Senator replied, " we in the Congress only write the laws and lack any authority to enforce them."  I so wanted to tell the Senator he answered the wrong question.  He was not asked why Congress did not enforce the laws they had written.  He continued in support of his answer, " with Eric Holder in the position of U.S. Attorney General there is nothing that can be done to stop the Obama administration."

 This time I wanted to do more than tell the Senator something.  Here we have a senior U.S Senator telling us that Obama and those he appointed are above the law and there is nothing anyone can do about.  Is the Senator telling the American people that Obama is now officially the first dictator of the United States?  I believe this is exactly what the Senator is trying to get us to think.

Going back to the question the radio host asked Senator Cornyn, why is it Congress does not stop Obama and his administration when they have openly and intentionally committed crimes against the Constitution and American people?  This has nothing to do with laws passed by Congress, it is a much greater crime than that.  Not only is it a greater crime it is a crime against the highest laws of the land, the U. S. Constitution.  I don't think the good Senator recalls the oath he took to protect the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC.  Not only did he take the oath, every person holding elected office in the United States took that same oath.  I sincerely want to hear the Senator explain how he believes "Congress can do nothing because of Eric Holder". 

Does the Senator honestly think he is smarter than every American?    Does he really believe no one can protect our Constitution or the law it sets forth for control of the government?  Does he think the men who wrote the Constitution would have included an oath to guard the Constitution without providing the authority to do so.   If this is what every Senator believes they are going to use on the American people to protect the their golden boy, Obama, they are playing a dangerous game.  Senator Cornyn's answer was either an attempt to escape his responsibility because he lacks the courage to do his duty or he is covering for crimes committed by a large number of his colleagues.  Congress has the responsibility, duty and the authority to protect the Constitution and if the Senator from Texas is unaware of this he does not belong in his position.  Not only did the Senator try to escape his duty he openly admitted that Congress is aware that Obama has committed and is committing un-Constitutional criminal acts.

  I have campaigned for Senator Cornyn and voted for him every time he ran for office.  In the past two years he has completely destroyed any trust I had in him and made me feel betrayed.  I know most of those who heard him on that radio interview thought he did a good job answering the host's questions, however It is my hope after reading this they will understand my resistance to his rhetoric.



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  • Elevengun,

         If you think for a moment that anyone would impeach this president, you are mistaken.  The reprobates(republicans) such as Cornyn, McCain et al,,, are implicated in these crimes.  To impeach this man, would lead to riots greater that LA and Atlanta after Rodney King, the race baiters would guarantee that outcome.  Once again, the dems have no morals or values, and the reprobates claim to.  We need people in office who actually have, and will defend, their morals and values.

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