Obama – The Bald Faced Liar

When the guarantee of the President is a lie that turns America into the laughing stock of the World and actual, real, provable, damage has been done, he has gone beyond High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

The perpetual campaigner who blistered America with …..”words have meaning” certainly should know the full and true meaning of PERIOD…. No ifs, ands or buts. No later rescission with more lies.

This blog is to directly address Impeachment Articles based on his ACA lies plus other transgressions.


However, others have discussed Articles based on many other abuses, and both acts of commission and omission Reference2

Special note should be made that Rep Steve Stockman (R-TX) had a book distributed to all 435 members of the House. The book was written by A Klein+...” Impeachable Offenses...” The Book

So... will Rep Bachmann's articles proceed?

Will others who have uttered Impeachment join with Bachmann and Stockman?

Have YOU received YOUR /Insurance Cancellation Notice?

Have you wondered about………. What YOU will do?

Not only did he make a PUBLIC PROMISE to every American, he also bound the Insurance Companies, and Doctors which in typical Obama style is completely beyond his legal authority…." If you like ………PERIOD!"

.…but, he lied…in the face of numerous Government reports and warnings that his promise must be a lie… and for that, he MUST be removed from our Whitehouse.

What will the House Republican “leaders” do …with a book full of transgressions?

Will they read it…?

What will your Rep do?

What will you do?

I am sending this via FAX to the House Repub Leaders, The Senate Repub Leaders and my Senators and Congressman.

Please join me in getting the Bald Faced Lying FRAUD out of OUR White House.

Now he comes out with another lie as a fake apology.


He says…. The buck stops here. I’m responsible, and I have to fix it. Well, just making another false lie promise to fix it doesn’t cut it.

He is so into …. “It’s the law, get used to It”……..that he won’t admit that he can’t fix it.

If he tries to do so by personal dictate , he will be breaking the law! And, today, he did…..break the law……..

Any law abiding citizen operating in Business would be out of Business and IN JAIL long ago.

Regardless of his omnipotent self-image, he cannot wave his hand (illegally) and undo the damage his reckless bribes ( getting ACA votes), lies(…keep your plan. PERIOD….), abuse of authority( Numerous illegal/immoral Executive Orders), and failures to act ( Black Panthers, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, NSA…) have inflicted on America.

He cannot , with an illegal wave of his hand change “settled law” nor undo the thousands of man-years expended by Insurance Companies to comply with his ILLEGAL ACA. He cannot restore the lives of thousands laid off or placed on reduced work hours to comply with his ILLEGAL ACA . He cannot blame Businesses for actions precipitated by his signature claim to infamy.

Today was just another BALD FACED LIE. It had NOTHING to do with providing relief to the millions he has injured. It has everything to do with simply taking the heat off Democrats until after the 2014 elections.

IF he felt the pain, sorrow and regret that he read from his prompter, why did it take a rebellion in his own party to get him to say something? WHY? Think about it.

What he said today amounted to….. After the 2014 Elections we will be right back where we are today, except my fellow democrats had a better chance at re-election. That is the essence of his proclamation.

In the Court of Public Opinion he is as guilty as Satan himself.

To Obama I say………Resign or get IMPEACHED!

What will you say, Mr Politician?

What will you DO?

Will you join Bachmann and Stockman to rid America of Our Enemy Within?

Whatever you choose to say and do, PLEASE do not aid and abet his criminal behavior by supporting “FIXES”.

Just before the shutdown we were admonished to leave it alone; to let it implode and collapse; to realize that it is the law.

Well, NOW PLEASE just get out of the way and let the ACA expose itself with no help from you.

Remember this…. The ACA skated in on a few bribed votes.

With NO fixes by you, those who valiantly voted against it will be joined by some (enough) who voted for it to finally repeal this illegal act of Communism.

...and make Impeachment REAL!


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