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Try to take this in, and control your temper and sanity at the same time.  We have come to a point in America where the rules of engagement have become far less restrictive for police than Soldiers on the field of battle.  Americans are far more likely to be shot dead by those who's motto is "serve and protect" than our enemies, who declare to kill us all, are by our Soldiers.  Now we have a President and Congress arming the "serve and protect" with weapons as powerful as any military.  We only have good Police and Sheriffs standing between chaos and civilization.  Day by day many cities turn their backs on what can only be described as legalized murder.  There are Chiefs of Police and Sheriffs who run Honorable departments, most in my state do.  Unfortunately states and cities run by Liberal left politicians experience Gestapo style law enforcement.  I want to thank the Sheriff and Police Chief where I live for their responsible professional leadership in their organizations. Elevengun

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  • Our leadership(leadershit) has no will.  The american people have no will, no stomach for what it takes to live, thrive and survive in this world.  We have a complicit media that is the worlds biggest and best propaganda machine.  In short, people, we are screwed because an overwhelming majority of our fellows are ignorant and like it like that.  War has no rules, other than the Geneva conventions, and even those are iffy at best.  If Bush 41 had taken care of business when I was in country, we wouldn't have half the ills we now have.  

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