Gun Control By Dictate: Abolishing the 2nd Amendment

                        Yesterday I wrote about government dictating how illegal aliens are going to be legalized by the “Gang of 8” scheme.  It matters not to Congress or the regime what We the People or the Constitution say.  They will decide how it is going to be and We the People will just have to accept it because it is “fair”.  Today I write about gun control and how government intends to impose their will on We the People, disregarding the Constitution and the rights of said People.  How does fairness and public safety figure into the latest dictates on firearms?

Gun control is being handled exactly the same way they have handled the illegal alien problem.  A nut goes out and shoots some people, so they pass laws to stop it from happening again.  Except that it happened again because they haven’t enforced the “new” laws they passed the last time this came up.  Gun control has been such a raging success everywhere it has been tried hasn’t it?  Gang violence with firearms is rampant in the major gun free zones in our nation.  Sen. Ted Cruz recently gave out 2010 figures that show 15,700 attempts by criminals to legally access firearms, in one year: 2010.  They were caught by the background check system in effect right now.  The Obama regime has prosecuted 44.  Clintonesque isn’t it???

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  • It is always interesting that some mention a third option in our voting. Why is it that those that are elected, either party, seem not to listen to our voices? They use to be afraid of our vote and now they seem immune! Just what has happened to our voting that they seem uninterested? Has it become this corrupt with the MOB and Unions? Something sure has changed just like in Michigan where all but 3 Counties voted Republican and yet Michigan electoral votes went to Obama. Are our votes really being counted? We better wake up as in Asia, the weekend before the election of 2012, I heard Obama had already won. I was told it would also be a dishonest election! 

    How would they know this in Asia before the voting and that it would be illegal? Our corrupt media again not giving us the facts or are they so out of touch they never know them?

  • Those in the government must be SMOKING SOME BAD WEED lately.

  • That Communist Muslim can try any damned thing he wants, he CANN'T cancel the 2nd Amendment, he can only tell you & hope you are stupid enough to believe him that he cancelled it!  To cancel or amend an amendment it takes a 2/3 vote of ALL the States.  In other words EVERY VOTER IN AMERICA IN EVERY STATE HAS TO VOTE, and 2/3 of the states must want an Amendment changed to get it changed!!!  So tell Obozo to - GOLF, FOXTROT, YANKEY!!!  And while you are telling him, keep building up your supply of weapons & ammo; keep forming Militias; keep preparing- it appears that WE THE PEOPLE will be going to war against this bastard!!!  The only language this moron understands is violence, so reverse the tables and lets give it to him!!!  Time for WE THE PEOPLE to take back our, repeat OUR Country from this piece of crap!!!

  • It IS coming..but his highness-and-party may find their intent a little harder to achieve than they ever imagined.

  • Lock & Load. It's coming!

  • It's boiling down to a war here in this Country. Look at how the cops went through homes in Boston without search warrants. The beginning of the end? They closed Boston down COMPLETELY! How many oif the cops had "hollow point" bullets bought with tax payer money? Our Country is in a very bad way and we are not getting help from DC, only more problems from those fools.

  • The problem is that people keep saying, "we have to vote for the lesser of two evils so vote republikrat".  Until we have a third option we will continue to get the same results. Both parties are in this together and yet people still donate to and work for republikrats. They have turned their backs on the Constitution and We the People just as much as the demonkrats have.

  • We are facing the specter of civil war in this country! The military is pretty sick of the Comunists already, as well!

    Doing an end-around the Senate, after losing a decisive vote, is just politics as usual for these Statist Traitors...On both sides of the aisle!

    Their day will a lamppost!"



  • How are these people still in office and not impeached. Who do we go to since it is our right to have them removed and our reps dont get it done.

    I just noticed the group hanging message, mirror lake mall area sounds like a perfect place.

  • They don't represent Americans.  We need to remove them.  Can we Recall Election them?

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