I've been receiving a lot of e-mails lately where the senders are so frustrated and worn down that they talk about giving up.  My response has been, and always will be: HELL NO!  I refuse to give up and refuse to allow our liberties to be taken away.

As I recently told a friend, WE have to become the new "Zealots".  We have to keep the lamp lit, educate others who are either misinformed, ignorant, or so emotionally invested in their politics that they can't see the dangers of tyranny regardless of political party.

Our forefathers understood that for our republic to survive we have to have an educated, well informed electorate.  For the past 100 years, there have been forces insidiously working to re-write history, manipulate our educational curriculum, and effectively dumb down our population.  Couple that with the technology generation that gets their information either in sound bites from the comedy channel or texting and "Twittering", that they know more about the lives of the Kardashian family than they do about our constitution.

To that end, I am sharing some resources that you may find useful.  

JPFO has updated a valuable resource document called "Gun Facts".  It is a free PDF download in a couple of different file sizes; one for printing and a smaller file for screen viewing.  I am including both links.  Browse the info and use it to dispel the myths being spread about guns.

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  • In Massachusetts the only viable option is the Republican Party.  There is no way, in this nest of liberal vipers, that any other party is going to get off the ground without spitting the vote and guaranteeing Democrats winning.

    In other states the libertarian Party may have an advantage or the constitution Party in another.

    I think that it is more important for each person to look around their personal voting district and state.  Find the candidate that will be the best "WE CAN ACTUALLY GET," this is no time to get hung up on perfection, and get them into office.  Their bound to be an improvement and we can throw them out later if need be.

    We need to look at each race separately and act accordingly.

  • Ralph Baker:"This year I will join the Republican Party. I will join forces with those that have carried on the fight in my absence."

    Now that's a good sign.  More people must join the Republican party.  There's only two major political parties.  Democrat party or Republican party.  The more good people like yourself that join the Republican party, the better the party will become. 

  • Mike, we must do this or it is all Democracy and then failure . .  history has no other result. Go here and join the effort - email this to all you know it must go Viral or all might be lost . .

  • We have not given it all we have.

    Since before Obama I've been broke, destitute

    and sitting on the sidelines.

    A few months before the election I figured out that I

    can at least put up a few signs. I didn't think they were doing enough so, for three

    days before the election, when you drove by my house, this is what you saw.


    It wasn't much, but what I learned was that even in Massachusetts, there are people

    that are and have been fighting this stupidity for most of they're lives.

    You know why they haven't succeeded? Because of people like you and me.

    We have sat on the sidelines complaining, complaining is not doing.

    I've heard a lot of complaints about the Republican Party, but you can't change a

    party your not a member of.

    When good people abandon an organization, the only people that are left are the

    bad guys, with only a few good holdouts fighting a losing battle.

    This year I will join the Republican Party. I will join forces with those that have

    carried on the fight in my absence.

    Most of the first day while I was standing out on the side lawn in my Uncle Sam Suit, I felt like a fool, but, something happened slowly over the course of the day. There were a lot of Obama supporters, it's Massachusetts, and they gave me the finger and shouted all kinds of obscenities, at me.

    I found myself smiling and waving to them and I enjoyed it. Why?

    Because it felt good, to get up into their faces for a change. My waving and smiling to them was like raising a middle finger, they hated it. I was bothering them by having a different opinion and it really got up their butts.

    But, even more importantly, I found out how many people wanted to get rid of Obama, desperatly. Their were a half dozen cars that pulled over to thank me for dispelling the myth that every one loves Obama and that he can't be beat.

    He won Massachusetts, but, not in my local voting district. Other districts may had had a problem with people staying home, but, not in my voting district. We had a very heavy turn out, but, it wasn't enough to turn the state.

    I made a lot of new friends, but, have only gained one new patriot that wants to work together to make a difference. Neither of us are experienced in politics, but, we will be.

    Thanks to this discussion, I have found out about the Ten Million Man March being organized by Wild Bill. We are trying to find out about the details and we will be going.

    The trick isn't to give up. There are things you can do yourself and like all experiences they can build over time. In the meantime there are candidates to vet, The Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio could use some financial help fighting back the Liberals and don't forget about Freedom Works or Judicial watch.

    Just because there isn't anything you can do yourself right at this moment, don't overlook the organizations that have brought the fight to the enemy. Keep the pressure up!

  • Mike T. said: "I for one can't tell if giving it all you've got is working.  I can't tell who is giving it all they got.  If we were giving it all we got, how did the Obama get reelected.  I don't blame Romney or the GOP.  Blaming them is a cop out.  We failed, but did we fail even after giving it all we got?  No matter the answer, we must keep going.  I believe at this point all can be fixed."

    There are several good points here.  We were giving it all we got but we were not yet strong enough to win: That's not terribly surprising given the handicaps of an 80-year Progressive head start and a near-dead Republican party. 

    I absolutely DO blame Romney AND the Republican Party.  They are by no means solely to blame but if you really are no good at your job, it's your duty to quit and let others come forward.  The Republicans had better people and indeed if they had gone looking after the McCain disaster in 2008 they could have had GREAT candidates in '12.   Instead they looked for someone 'more electable' than McCain and, well, maybe Romney was more electable but the people who might have voted for him mostly stayed at home.

    All can indeed be fixed but I don't think it will be easy because the Republicans are still sucking up all the conservative oxygen.  The R. party needs to die and be reborn through the Tea Party if it is to be part of the solution.

    Let's think about how bad things could get.   Say the Democrats keep the Senate and take over the House in 2014.  Ofraud appoints two of his great people to the Supreme Court due to retirements in 2015-16.  The economy slides into severe stagflation with falling real output and rising prices in 2017 under Hillary.   There are big riots when welfare checks are repeatedly delayed that year.  And so on.  Does it all just keep going downhill from there?

    NO!  I think if we get there one or more states will secede in order to get out from under the federal monster.  With Federal law and regulation no longer sitting on their economies these states will take off and suck the most energetic people from the others.   Within a few years even more states would switch sides -- and it would go from there.  

    Yes it would be a terrible mess, doubtless people would die.   But compared to 1776 I don't think it would be that bad.  I don't see even a Hillary government trying to conquer Idaho by military force.  

    We are not used to thinking about really tough situations anymore but we can do it if we must.  The main thing to realize is that we are only responsible for playing the cards in our hands as well as we are able.  The decision about how things actually go are not under our control. We can, however be sure that water isn't going to run uphill.   The Progressive insistence that marriage is whatever we say it is, you can borrow your way to prosperity, religion is about which prayers you say in church, businesses are just a way for the lucky to steal from the poor, (and so on) are wrong because THEY ARE WRONG AND DO NOT WORK.  So as long as they keep insisting -- and how can they stop, since wrong ideas are who they are! -- they are headed into the dumpster. 

    This isn't going to be easy but we'll get 'er done, over a decade or so, if we keep our determination.

  • You just DID something, George -- shared your observations with others here.   That's not 'nothing.'

    This will be a long war.  The left has been at it for most of a century -- back to the 1930's, anyway.  For most of that time sensible people ignored their extreme views, tried out some of their 'it seems like that could be a good idea' ones, and compromised where there seemed no clear reason to stand firm.

    Now, however, patriotic Americans are realizing that the left is simply wrong about virtually all of what it believes.   Never mind the moral issues, their ideas about how human society works -- or even CAN work -- would be laughable if they weren't so stupid.  In the last five years there has been about a 100-fold increase of conversations about just what our country has become and where it is going.   "Hey!  Progressivism is all garbage!"  

    It would be nice if the day after we started to wake up we could turn things around and go back to just living our lives.   No such luck: We gave them an 80-year head start and even with a mad scramble it's going to take us a decade or two to stomp the ignorant, the twisted, and the plain evil.

    Soldiers in wartime get occasional leave.   When frustration build up we need to do the same: Not 'give up,' but take as much leave as we need.   Others are coming to the front all the time and in increasing numbers; let them pick up the load.

    I agree that the Republican Party is useless -- the farm country saying is 'like tits on a boar.'  But that means only that we can't count on voting the Progressive idiots out of office if an election were held tomorrow.   The Democratic Party policies aren't just bad because they're immoral; they plain DO NOT WORK.  One day within a few years most American voters are going to say "Hey ... THIS IS NOT WORKING!"  I'm betting that the Republicans will come forward with better answers when that happens: People who know how society works and can lead us forward.  Dr. Ben Carson is an example of the quality of people who are out there waiting to be discovered.

    Try not to be discouraged and especially don't give yourself a hard time about the slow progress. Take some leave or maybe work on another part of the problem -- personal prep is good unless you're sure you're ready for 'whatever.' 

  • The GOP is worthless, and I see no new political party on the horizon.  People I have spoken to have given up. I looked for local Tea-Party people and found less than a dozen.  I often feel like giving up because I do not know what the hell I can do!!!!!

  • MeMike, That's because the Fix was already in just check out all the Voter Fraud that hasn't even been addressed yet! We need Voter I.D. laws followed in every State of the Union period no discussion. Between the mob like mentality of Unions and the freebie loving takers of this Country I served it disgusts me why are all the Makers old & new being used by these liberal offspring of the past propping up ? They slept together, smoked their hooch together and all sung koom by yah with flowers in hand from the 60's & 70's only to treat us like dirt when we came from the Viet-Nam conflict.

  • I for one can't tell if giving it all you've got is working.  I can't tell who is giving it all they got.  If we were giving it all we got, how did the Obama get reelected.  I don't blame Romney or the GOP.  Blaming them is a cop out.  We failed, but did we fail even after giving it all we got?  No matter the answer, we must keep going.  I believe at this point all can be fixed.  However, 2014 elections will be the tell.  If we lose the 2014 elections, 2016 will bring our country a Hillary Clinton President and a Michelle Obama VP.  One thing I am sure of is that we must get real.  If our side keeps talking about things like deporting 11,000,000 illegal aliens, 11,000,000 that we know of, we will lose it all.  I believe the gun control battle must be won.  And I believe we have a good chance of winning.  Somehow we have to convince the public that the democrat party gun control grab will endanger people and their children, not make it safer.  Convince them the truth that gun control will only apply to law abiding people.  Giving those that are not law abiding people an overwhelming advantage as they will still have the larger mags and bigger guns.  We need a better narrative.  No matter who our side picks, please, I beg you all to come together and support that candidate.


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