I've been receiving a lot of e-mails lately where the senders are so frustrated and worn down that they talk about giving up.  My response has been, and always will be: HELL NO!  I refuse to give up and refuse to allow our liberties to be taken away.

As I recently told a friend, WE have to become the new "Zealots".  We have to keep the lamp lit, educate others who are either misinformed, ignorant, or so emotionally invested in their politics that they can't see the dangers of tyranny regardless of political party.

Our forefathers understood that for our republic to survive we have to have an educated, well informed electorate.  For the past 100 years, there have been forces insidiously working to re-write history, manipulate our educational curriculum, and effectively dumb down our population.  Couple that with the technology generation that gets their information either in sound bites from the comedy channel or texting and "Twittering", that they know more about the lives of the Kardashian family than they do about our constitution.

To that end, I am sharing some resources that you may find useful.  

JPFO has updated a valuable resource document called "Gun Facts".  It is a free PDF download in a couple of different file sizes; one for printing and a smaller file for screen viewing.  I am including both links.  Browse the info and use it to dispel the myths being spread about guns.

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  • Thank you for the words of encouragement.  Sometimes its hard with all of the garbage being slung at America , and all of the left trying to down beat our great nation. I for one am fighting . Financially I cannot do much , but sign petition. call,pray for those who are in the trenches


  • Those who would give up the fight neither deserve nor will retain the rights they have left!

  • @ Michael, Well said!!!  Thanks for reminding people.  Those states and their conservatives need our support.

  • One important thing we all have to remember, we are on the same side so stop giving up on certain states, there are still a large number of patriotic conservative Americans in these states and you can't afford to loose us ! We are not giving up on you so don't give up on us.

  • This is odd we need a site to tell people about guns. WOW. Guns are tools.Ever use a hammer. thats what a gun is. Ever use a knife thats what a gun is. I can beat your head in with the hammer. I can stick the knife in your heart, your dead. NO DIFFERENT. We lose you will meet all of them soon!!!!

  •  The buzz on the net is the tea party is the only back bone the nation has. Pretty proud to be  NO! VERY PROUD to be part of the back bone!!!! WEEE!!!! scare the piss out of these fascists. We stop now our great nation is dead!!! They attack us so hard because we have become the wall to break. The only step next is not pretty. It will be fought on the front porches of the people!!! YOUR BLOOD WILL FILL THE STREETS!!!!!!!! WE ARE WINNNIG. STAY FOCUSSED. THIS IS NO JOKE. YOU WILL BE GASSED LIKE THE JEWS. WE HAVE NOT BEEN FREE FOR YEARS. I CAN TASTE IT. The tea party is the brains of this revolution!! Show the young people some balls. We are the wise who have awakened. Are you willing to throw the young people to the fascists. Then they are right. We are a bunch of fat lazy whiners. OH YA we won world war two. OH YA vietnam. OH YA blah blah blah NO one left behind. Now get up and do your god damn job soldier!!!

  • Thanks Dee & Benson: Ive been fighting roe v wade since 1973, Im still fighting. Been fighting the border security issue since 1993, still fighting. Been fighting muslum o being president since the pig ran the 1st time still fighting. Im not sure what quit or give up means. I have my days of being worn out, then I pray & the good Lord gives me strenght. I have my days of being mad as hell & angry I pray & Jesus thru the Holy Ghost gives me comfort. God puts the memories of our forefathers what they went thru blood & death outcome a new nation, Constitution, freedoms & liberties. This is what I owe my kids & grandkids & future generation. What did Jesus do on the Cross for me, He gave His life for my Salvation. What do I owe, my life. Im a Oath Keeper also, I owe my life. I owe my life to God Jesus & the Holy Ghost our forefathers, my country, my Constitution, my family, friends, neighbors, I owe my life to all Christian, Conservative, Constitutionalists- I owe my life

  • This is a long term endurance race! The socialists will not win by default because some in the Tea Party get weak. Catch your breath and get back in the race to Liberty!

  • Time for new congressman then. Can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen.

    ACTION send that message to all congressman.

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