2015 world economic crisis

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2015 global economic crisis.

Fellow Americans, the World Economic Forum's Global Risks 2014 report, finds that income disparity is most likely to cause serious global economic damage in the coming decade. The world moves to a multipolar distribution of power and influence. The neocon globalist elite, the world’s predators are in control of the world’s economic. As a result of the 8 years of free money to fix the financial crisis and globalization, the 24 trillion Dollars use to fix the global economic crisis; made the richer the ones that benefit the most and fail to create the jobs need it to fix the crisis, while the middleclass and the poor paid for this ill policy. Today the American youth is the most affected by this economic crisis, they are the ones that are paying for the ill financial policies and the Wall Street and the neocon globalist greed. This huge concentration of wealth has cut the purchasing power of over 289 millions of Americans, the result was the decrease of retail business in our country and the closing of thousands of retail stores; we use to manufacture 85% of what we consume today we manufacture less than 60%. And most Americans depend on service jobs that pay less money than manufacturing jobs, most Americans have lost more than 40% of their income due to globalization. In 2015 is going to be another financial crisis, this will impact the whole world, but neither the news media nor the US government is telling the people the truth. The people needs to know the truth but the US media have become the propaganda machinery of the elite that control this system of government; today the only sources of the truth are the independent alternative news media found only in the internet and the whistleblowers the heroes of the world that expose corruption and government crimes against humanity. Please support these organizations they need our support to enable them to continue reporting the truth.  


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New 2015 global financial crisis


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