By: Juan Reynoso, ACTIVIST  - voteforamerica@gmail.com


Fellow Patriots, our country is run by psychopaths and sociopaths. We need to clean-up Washington and on 2014 – 2016, elect statesmen, that promotes public good and can be recognized for probity, for leadership, the qualities that are needed to govern our country. The Tea party must support believers of our constitution, our God given rights and the rule of law; we must stamp out corruption in our government. Our choice for President is ( Rand Paul, Tex Cruz, Ben Carson and Marco Rubio). We need to choose the best of this group, to represent.us not the corporations.

In Kentucky we need to vote out Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), he is a rat. I urge you to take a look at some of his opponents, study them and pick one to support. Here is a list of those running for this seat:

Matt Bevin (R) - Investment Executive, Army Veteran & Tea Party Activist
James Copas (R) 
Chris Payne (R) 
Shawna Sterling (R) 
David Patterson (Libertarian) - Police Officer
Ed Marksberry (Independent) - Building Contractor, USAF Veteran & 10 US Rep. Dem. Nominee


Vote for America and end corruption in our government.



How Corporate Money Influences American Politics - http://anticorruptionact.org/.



Corporations  vs- us The American people. Join the fight – www.represent.us


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