2 Scenarios

I am tired and the battle to win back our nation hasn't even started.  I fear the battle will never get started before it's too late to stop what is happening.  Bernanki brazenly says he will initiate another QE.  The audacity of what is happening amazes me even now! No the power of our nation is it's people, but they are blind and deaf, and only God can remove these obstacles as with any great calamity human nature is reactionary... Only blood being spilt will wake them.  Frankly if 911 didn't do it the impending chaos of what those here illegally are about to carry out may, but then it will be too late between the cartel al Qaeda and a host of other nations Brazil and Russia included. They have been lined up at our border and crossed it.  The end is quickly drawing near.  Cuba emptied it's prison's invading Florida and among them were Russian special forces trained psychopaths that are running lose on our society.  That is a para-military operation no one talks about.  Look how so many bizarre killings and acts of torture are growing in number as you watch the news.  It is no accident...  Then this marxist obamanation turns our rule of law and our constitution on it's head and grants amnesty to illegal youth and the only thing congress can do is sue.  Are u F***ing kidding me?  The treason of our government is no longer even being bothered enough to mask their corruption and self service.  It is all too apparent as they continue to gain personal wealth at the expense of those they were elected to represent.  Oil is below $84 a barrel (inflated price) yet we still pay 3.50 on average.  Why are we being force fed a load of dog dew and accused of racism as our laws are violated on every front?  Yet we are expected to obey their law or pay serious consequences.  Taxation without representation is tyranny.  Why should anyone obey a single law or pay a single tax?  I am seriously asking.  The time for action is here if we wait there will be no stopping what is headed our way.  There are 2 best scenarios I can come up with.

1st stop trucking for 3 days.

2nd Flash mob every bank and financial institution as well as gas station/oil refinery and hold all assets in reserve.  This will put the fear of God into all the nations elite.  Then amass a Giant March on DC and arrest everyone who holds office including these unelected bureaucrats who think they are the law (lobbyist included). SCOTUS who continue their campaign of legislating socialism from the bench like we are too ignorant to notice.  Then hold a true honest election to hire Christian Patriots to restore our constitution Judges included.  Then begin speedy trials to imprison those that are destroying our nation as is our right to do.  It is our heritage.  Deport illegal aliens and their illegal children to their country of origin at that countries expense.  Exact restitution for the monetary damage they have created upon our nation.  Then add punitive damages as a result of what has happened to our society and those victims that have suffered at their hands.  Finally wipe the ledger clean and start fresh all debts public and private null and void. If the foreign nations that have robbed America of it's wealth for no less than half a century wish to try and take what is not theirs to begin with... then let the War of all Wars begin and may God have mercy on them.  That is how I see it.

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