100 Million Americans on J. Boehner's Hit List

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Don't mistake that sad face as an American Patriot - that is the face of a man who has turned against his Country. No real tears folks - he's laughing all the way to the bank while we're trying to hold down two part jobs and put food on our tables.

Over 100 million American workers are on John Boenher’s hit list – that seems to be a very rash statement. John Boehner, Cantor Ryan and Goodlatte have placed the amnesty issue on the front burner - that's reality. 

Boehner intends to get his way by giving millions of illegal aliens a free pass to our Nation’s jobs, medical care, unemployment insurance, food stamps, free education and Federally funded housing - this won’t just be a conversation piece it will be a reality in 2014 if “we the people don’t stop him.” 

Why are House Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan, and Judiciary Committee chairman Bob Goodlatte pushing for amnesty in 2014?  Our Nation is crumpling due to very few full time jobs, tremendous taxes and exhorbitant charges for Obamacare and 5 scandals that are unsolved and Boehner chooses amnesty as a priority. 

We have an economy that is broken, horrific National debt, unsecured borders, a weakened Military and a Government that is way too big for it’s britches.  We are in the midst of an election year and Boehner is waving his white flag, knuckling in the knees and kissing Obama and Democrats “fannies.”  If Boehner gets his way Americans will be the recipients of higher taxes, more debt to pay off and fewer jobs for the American work force. We have suffered enough pain from the corrupt politicians in the White House!

To sit make and surmise that amnesty is on the front burner because Republicans are desperate and buying votes is a farce – the few votes purchased by this illegal albatross aren’t even worth talking about…  The truth is Boehner and gang are playing footsey with the Corporate CEO and the US Chamber of Commerce because amnesty to illegal aliens is an automatic solution equating to millions of low pay and low- skilled labor employees. 

If anyone thinks Boehner isn’t planning to push amnesty, just remember in December he hired a professional amnesty advocate to push this bill thru the House.  Remember this name (Rebecca Tallent) because we’ll be hearing a lot from her in the next few weeks – Rebecca use to be one of John McCain’s staffers.  Boehner’s actions have nothing to do with finding common ground with the Democrats he is doing this strictly to appease Corporate CEO and the US Chamber of Commerce.

Hopefully all Tea Party members will crash Boehner’s Twitter, Facebook accounts, his telephone and email service with one liners, “We the people don’t want “Amnesty” on the table in 2014 period – we want the five scandals resolved that have threatened millions of Americans and we want you to either do your job as an American Patriot or kindly step down, Mr. Boehner.” 

I pray that my friends read this article and help me get Boehner’s attention.


As Always,

Little Tboca

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  • Thank you. Jesus Christ never let me down. Or you.

  • Gregory Badger, I just put you on my prayer list.  May the Precious Blood Jesus shed on the Cross cover and protect you in this great task that you are taking on.

  • Steven, Pray for me. I'm working on voter fraud.

  • Remember the phrase "Turn Coat" ?

  • J. Boehner has become a mentee of B.H. Obama!   I'm proud to be an enemy if he would just grow a spine!


  • The court systems are not going to help us get voter fraud straightened out.  What can we, the TEA PARTY members do to straighten out this illegal voting system that the demonRATS and the RINO's have working for them.  There has to be a way.

  • It is up to voters in their states to remove this scum from office. voting for Boehner, ryan, cantor, henslarling, goodlatte, etc. is the same as voting for a demonkrat. We the People were told in 2010 that if we gave republikrats control of Congress we would see things change. Well, we gave them control of part of it and all they have done since, besides sell us out to Marxist demonkrats, is to progress from courting  me to calling me a "potential domestic terrorist", among other names they get from their demonkrat partners in crime.

  • Boehner is sleeping with Obama liberals.

  • I think that 100 million people should have him on their hit list. We are more than a little pissed, and we will have long memories.

    He spends to much time sucking up to the liberals hoping they will throw him a bone every now and then.

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