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Racism -- It's Everywhere! It's Everywhere!
by David Limbaugh
Ballot harvesting bounty: How Dems apparently used
election law change to rout California Republicans
by Andrew O'Reilly  
{foxnews.com} ~ A minor change in California’s election laws may have had a major effect on last month’s midterm elections that saw Democrats steamroll their Republican rivals... and claim all but seven of the Golden State’s 53 House seats. Despite holding substantial leads on Election Day, many Republican candidates in California saw their advantage shrink, and then disappear, as late-arriving Democratic votes were counted in the weeks following the election. While no hard evidence is available, many observers point to the Democrats use of “ballot harvesting” as a key to their success in the elections. “Anecdotally there was a lot of evidence that ballot harvesting was going on,” Neal Kelley, the registrar for voters in Southern California’s Orange County, told Fox News. In Orange County – once seen as a Republican stronghold in the state– every House seat went to a Democrat after an unprecedented “250,000” vote-by-mail drop-offs were counted, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. “People were carrying in stacks of 100 and 200 of them. We had had multiple people calling to ask if these people were allowed to do this,” Kelley said...  https://www.foxnews.com/politics/ballot-harvesting-bounty-how-dems-...
China breaks unexplained silence on Trump trade deal:
'We are confident in implementation'
by Dave Boyer and S.A. Miller 
{washingtontimes.com} ~ China said Wednesday that it is “confident” of reaching a trade deal with the U.S., and President Trump expressed optimism that Beijing will meet its promises to him... a day after Mr. Trump’s threat of more tariffs caused stock markets to plummet. After days of unexplained silence, the Chinese Commerce Ministry said Beijing would try to work quickly to implement specific items that Mr. Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed upon over the weekend at a Group of 20 nations summit in Argentina. The Chinese government said it will “actively promote the work of negotiations within 90 days in accordance with a clear timetable and road map.” “We are confident in implementation,” said the statement, calling the talks between the two presidents “very successful.” Mr. Trump said the statement validated his announcement of an agreement with Mr. Xi. The president said Beijing had been silent because of Mr. Xi’s extended travels to Panama and Portugal after the G-20 summit. The Chinese leader and his entourage are scheduled to return to Beijing on Thursday. “Very strong signals being sent by  China once they returned home from their long trip, including stops, from Argentina,” Mr. Trump tweeted. “Not to sound naive or anything, but I believe President Xi meant every word of what he said at our long and hopefully historic meeting. ALL subjects discussed!”
Spending Talks at Stalemate Over 
Border Wall Funding
by Mary Chastain
{legalinsurrection.com} ~ The government needs to come up with spending bills by Friday or the government will shut down... Border wall funding has halted the talks as disagreements between the Democrats and President Donald Trump continue. Trump wants $5 billion, but the Democrats will not budge from their demand of only $1.6 billion. Democrats want to stick to the $1.6 billion for border security allocated in a bipartisan Homeland Security appropriations bill, which includes repairs to fencing, levees, and more money for tech. Some congressional Republicans appear ready to pass the larger government funding package, according to House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, D-Md., but Trump isn’t. “Essentially we have agreement on what needs to be done, and it is simply the wall that is the major and principle item that is holding up full agreement,” Hoyer told reporters on Tuesday. “I’m hopeful in the next week or so that that will be resolved one way or another.” A continuing resolution will probably go through Congress on Thursday, but if Trump doesn’t sign it, the government will have a partial shut down. Roll Call explained that Trump’s administration “sent up to Capitol Hill a request to add $33 billion in fiscal 2017 funds to spending bills under negotiation, mostly for defense but also for border protection” and that same “request asked Congress to cut $18 billion from other nondefense discretionary accounts, which lawmakers rejected.”...  https://legalinsurrection.com/2018/12/spending-talks-at-stalemate-o...
U.S. House Passes SMART IoT Act Without Acknowledging
Security Risks Associated with IoT
by B.N. Frank
{activistpost.com} ~ The Internet of Things (IoT) is used to connect multiple devices to the Internet. According to countless security experts, IoT is vulnerable, dangerous, stupid, and shitty... The House passed the SMART IoT Act on Nov. 28 in a unanimous voice vote, sending the bill  to the Senate with just over two weeks until Congress is set to adjourn. The legislation, introduced by Rep. Robert Latta (R-Ohio), tasks the Department of Commerce with studying the current internet-of-things industry in the United States. The research would look into what companies develop IoT technology, what federal agencies have jurisdiction in overseeing this industry and what regulations have already been developed. The congressman outlined the motivations behind the bill in Nov. 28 remarks from the House floor: “We must equip ourselves and industry with information about what the landscape for federal, public, private, and self-regulatory efforts are in place or underway.” Latta’s comments did not touch on security concerns surrounding IoT technology. The bill — which has 18 cosponsors, including 13 Republicans and five Democrats — defines IoT technology as devices that connect to the internet “either directly or indirectly through a network,” can communicate to an individual and have a computer that can handle data. This is similar to the definitions found in other legislation, including the IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2017, which sets procurement rules the federal government must follow when buying IoT technology...Why can't the House pass the wall bill?
Public Security Minister Erdan 
urges German bank to close BDS accounts
by Benjamin Weinthal  
{jpost.com} ~ The Jerusalem Post’s disclosure of a bank account in Germany held by an entity that supports the BDS movement... prompted Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan to urge the Germany-based Bank for Social Economy this week to pull the financial plug on its accounts that enable activities to boycott the Jewish state. “I call on all German banks to cut their ties with any and all BDS organizations, and join the many German institutions and leaders who have united against the antisemitic boycott campaign,” Erdan told the Post via email.  “During my recent trip to Frankfurt, I emphasized the need to defeat the discriminatory and hate-filled BDS [Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions] campaign against Israel’s right to exist,” he added. “This stance has already been adopted by our close friends in Germany, including the CDU [Christian Democratic Union Party] and major municipalities such as Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich.” Erdan was in Germany in late November to speak at a pro-Israel conference in the city of Frankfurt. The pro-BDS group – German Coordination Circle Palestine/Israel (KOPI) – holds an account with the Bank for Social Economy and is a known supporter of the BDS movement against Israel. KOPI listed an account with the bank in a letter it sent recently to raise funds for the pro-BDS website Das Palästina Portal – The Palestine Portal. The Post discovered in late November that the KOPI account was in that bank and was used to help fund the website, deemed anti-Zionist by the scholar Dr. Lars Rensmann, who is a Professor of European Politics and Society in the Center of International Relations Research at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands...
Racism -- It's Everywhere! It's Everywhere!

by David Limbaugh

{townhall.com} ~ It's sobering how much race dominates the public discourse today. But as long as we're discussing stereotypes, we should note that leftists and elites are the ones obsessed with race, not the flyover Neanderthals to whom they impute this evil. Give it a rest, eggheads.

Leftists can scarcely discuss any issue without injecting this toxicity. They imagine it everywhere -- the ubiquitous boogeyman that validates their perpetual vilification of conservatives. Note: I considered using "white men" instead of "conservatives" in the preceding sentence but realized it would be unwise because A) as a possessor and unwitting purveyor of white privilege, I'm not allowed to opine publicly on these matters and B) though race-baiting elites pretend white privilege is the culprit, neither women nor African-Americans are exempt from the taint if they are political conservatives.

Think about it. Liberals invoke race in discussions of immigration, voting, sports, education, taxes, health care, welfare and law enforcement. It is sick stuff. Consider a few examples.

--President Trump calls himself a nationalist, and liberals accuse him of speaking in code -- signaling to his supposedly alt-right base that he's a neo-Nazi. Sorry, but Trump doesn't speak in code. What you see is what you get, and to him and his grateful base, "nationalism" means patriotism. They appreciate an American president who's unapologetically bullish on America.

--Border enforcement hawks don't see immigration through a racial lens. That leftists believe or pretend to believe we do may indicate they are projecting their own prejudices onto us. For us, it's about the rule of law, our national sovereignty and our national identity, which is distinctly based on ideas grounded in liberty, not race. We are a melting pot, and a compelling reason to control our borders is to ensure that immigrants enter at an orderly pace and learn to assimilate into our culture rather than settle into Balkanized ethnic enclaves.

--Democrats constantly harp on alleged threats to "our democracy" -- which is odd, given their authoritarian proclivities, but again, they project. They see no inconsistency in advocating that immigrants here illegally be allowed to vote and railing against foreign interference in our elections. Here again, they invoke race. Republicans, they baselessly claim, suppress minority votes. If liberals truly cared about the integrity of "our democracy," they'd support voter identification measures, because reasonable people understand that you should have to prove you are who you claim to be before you can vote. How patronizing of Democrats to suggest that minorities are incapable of accomplishing this menial task as a condition for participating.

--With Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith's victory in the Mississippi runoff election, Democratic Sen. lowlife-Kamala Harris may be removed from the Senate Judiciary Committee, because Republicans will be entitled to another committee seat and Harris is the least senior member. But -- you guessed it -- Democrats are saying it's not about her seniority but about her race.

--Speaking of Sen. Hyde-Smith, Democrats, in a desperate effort to elect Mike Espy, shamelessly smeared her as a racist based on certain lighthearted remarks she made. In the weeks between the midterm election and the runoff, Democrats ignored issues affecting the nation -- the economy and foreign policy, for example -- and framed the contest solely around whether Hyde-Smith is a dastardly racist. It didn't work.

--I just read a long essay in which the author critiqued the "Rocky" movie series in light of the latest installment, "Creed II," which he believes redeems the series from its racist themes. If I understand the piece -- and I readily admit I may not -- the series has provided white racists the vicarious enjoyment of seeing a "great white hope" defeating a superior black boxing champion. I've watched every "Rocky" movie, and race never entered my mind. Like most people, I rooted for Rocky because he was an underdog, not because his opponent, Apollo Creed, was a stand-in for Muhammad Ali, whom whites presumably loathed. Sorry again, but I was a Muhammad Ali superfan, beginning with his first fight against Sonny Liston. I rooted for him in every fight, irrespective of his opponent's race. As a Michael Jordan superfan, I rooted for him and the Bulls against Larry Bird and Bill Laimbeer. I doubt I'm much different from most white sports fans.

The left's cynical exploitation of race is wrongheaded, twisted, patronizing and incalculably destructive to society. One can pray that with improvement in economic conditions for minority communities as a direct result of conservative policies, minorities will eventually rebel against the political party that casts them as permanent victims and support the one that sees them as individuals with equal dignity, equal rights and equal aptitudes for success.  

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Comment by Rudy Tirre on Friday


thats true, Pulosi and scumbag/clown-schumer will not go along with the 5 but will go with the 1.5 which has nothing to do with the wall being build just updates on what we have already at the border.

Comment by Bonnie Somer on Friday





Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert

Political Cartoons by Tom Stiglich


CRIME!! -> Clinton Nightmare! Chief Financial Officer Of Clinton Foundation Turns Government Informant On Crime Family

Donations to the Clinton Foundation plummeted by 90% over a three-year period since Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election to President Donald Trump.

But that may be the least of the her worries.

John Solomon from The Hill dropped another bombshell that will keep the Clintons up at night.

The former Chief Financial Officer of the Clinton Foundation has turned on the crime family and is now working as a government informant.

This could spell doom for the Clinton Crime Family.

American Thinker reported:

John Solomon of The Hill reveals the story that has been percolating for a long time but kept tightly under wraps – because that is what serious prosecutors do, especially when grand juries are poring over evidence and issuing indictments that remain sealed until the right moment comes. The trigger for the story coming out now probably is a House subcommittee hearing scheduled next week by Mark Meadows, chair of the House Freedom Caucus, while the GOP still can set the agenda of House hearings.

[A] GOP-led congressional subcommittee, led by Rep. Mark Meadows (N.C.), is planning to hold a hearing next week to review the work of John Huber, the special U.S attorney named a year ago to investigate all things Clinton.

It turns out that whistleblowers inside and outside the Clinton Foundation have amassed “6,000 pages of evidence attached to a whistleblower submission filed secretly more than a year ago with the IRS and FBI.” Among that evidence can be found:

Those reviews flagged serious concerns about legal compliance, improper commingling of personal and charity business and “quid pro quo” promises made to donors while Hillary Clinton was secretary of State.

The submission also cites an interview its investigators conducted with Andrew Kessel that quotes the foundation’s longtime chief financial officer as saying he was unable to stop former President Clinton from “commingling” personal business and charitable activities inside the foundation and that he “knows where all the bodies are buried.”

Their own investigation! That’s hard to put down as politically motivated.

Having the chief financial officer of the Clinton Foundation turn informant is a nightmare for the Clintons. The CFO has to process all the cash, and because that person usually is on the hook for any criminal violations, there is ample incentive to turn state’s evidence.

That evidence was assembled by a private firm called MDA Analytics LLC, run by accomplished ex-federal criminal investigators, who alleged the Clinton Foundation engaged in illegal activities and may be liable for millions of dollars in delinquent taxes and penalties.

In addition to the IRS, the firm’s partners have had contact with prosecutors in the main Justice Department in Washington and FBI agents in Little Rock, Ark.

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