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Chem Trails

Get App Must read Chem trails carry aluminum, barium & strontium. Get your hair tested to see what your count is. Find out how in above address. You can read more at

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It ain't over till it's over

Jan. 1 2013 is the presidential swearing in ceremonies. Why not ask for a stay? Reason: possible voter fraud. A stay would also help the 50 states who signed a cessation. We have the right. 

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We can rebuild America

Game changer. We need to focus on taking back the Senate & keeping the House. No more lame excuses for a balanced budget. @MittRomney If you have no confidence in your Senators (like CA) unelect them! "Trust no one, question everything."

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2012 politcs

If you have no confidence: trust  no  one and question everything.

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Marines recover marines from 1942 battle  Please share

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Easy way to get rid of big governmet

I did a search for "gov.duplicate programs". Found 108 duplicates. We talking  billions  $ which could be cut. Here is on good site, Plus the GOA has plenty of suggestions. The problem is our leaders don't care.... Mitt is my guy.

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Obama was disbarred to avoid prosecution

http;// is the site to watch a great video.. Please share

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What will Obama do?

Obama should step down so we can start to heal. If not the War Act Impeachment or Sheriff Joe will get him. Who will vote for a guy will this kind of heat?

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Empty chair defense  Lead attroney is ballot suit  Site was overwhelled with traffic. Now up and running

Keystone pipe line was refused permit to build. Wonder why, Buffet is lead counsel to Obama and Buffet owns one of the RR to transport oil to US.

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Sure sounds fishy to me.

My last petition:

Please explain these EOs, 12919,10995,10997,10998,10999,11000,11001,11003,11004,11005,11051. Why are these EOs needed in peace time? Sounds like a Government take over to me.

Emails sent to Boxer, Feinstein and Hunter. Very doubtful I will any answers.

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Does this mean that the Tea Party has arrived?

VP Joe Biden said "The Tea Party was started because of TARP." Short answer: YOU BET, but you ain't seen nothing yet! Emails, faxes and petitions are working. We must keep the pressure on. Hoo Rah!

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You can't fix a hole in the bucket by adding more water.

Any private company CEO OR CFO would get the boot if they oked any of these earmarks. NO WONDER WE ARE BROKE.


10 Wasteful Stimulus Projects (source)


. A Visitor's Center With No Visitors

(Craig Mitchelldyer/Getty Images)

$554,763 to the U.S. Forest Service to allow it to replace the windows in a visitors center at Mount St. Helens,…


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BO says the Millionaires & Billionaires should pay their FAIR SHARE

Why does BO not tell "we the people" the facts and post the actual dollar amount of Taxes paid by the Millionaires & Billionaires. There is not enough room on this post for all the zeros; so you will have to do the math. Very easy to find the amounts with a search. "Who Pays the most US Taxes". Buffet says "he pays less taxes than his secretary." OK Mr. Buffet why don't you give your empoyees a much needed RAISE? #game over!


According to the Office of Tax Analysis, the…


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One more reason to un-elect Obama

The National Labor Relations Board  (NLRB) filed suit against Boeing to stop Boeing from moving to So. Carolina. If successful this will kill new jobs. The suit is a classic example of BULLYING.  No wonder large companies have moved and are now moving overseas. What would The Gov. do if the big companies like Boeing, MSN,Apple and Facebook would say "we are sick and tired of the Government bullying us. Let's move to India." New jobs are NOT the problem. It's excessive…


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Political Cartoons by Tom StiglichPolitical Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel


“And You’re Their Star Witness?” – Boom! “And You’re Their Star Witness?” – Boom! Jim Jordan Rips To Shreds Schiff’s Star Witness Anti-Trumper Ambassador Taylor 

BOOM! Jim Jordan just destroyed Schiff’s star witness Ambassador Taylor.

“I’ve seen church prayer chains that are easier to understand than this!” — Rep. Jim Jordan.


Jim Jordan got Ambassador Taylor to admit that everything he has said in his testimony is based on second-hand, third-hand and fourth-hand information!

Jordan Sounds Off

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