Congressional Research Services Reports

Image result for searching for truthWhat you should know:

These documents were prepared by the Congressional Research Service (CRS). CRS serves as nonpartisan shared staff to congressional committees and Members of Congress. It operates solely at the behest of and under the direction of Congress. Information in a CRS Report should not be relied upon for purposes other than public understanding of information that has been provided by CRS to Members of Congress in connection with CRS’s institutional role. CRS Reports, as a work of the United States Government, are not subject to copyright protection in the United States.

Why this is important to you:

You will being seeing the exact same information that the Congressional members are using to make their decisions on issues. You can decide if their votes and decisions are actually fact driven or agenda driven. 

Their Website:

This link will take you to an index of their reports. There is also a search box so that you can select the specific reports that might interest you:

If you find some good information that this service has provided to the Congress, please add the source link and information into the comments.

Dive on into their archives and let us know what you find

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