Civil War?

Top Teamsters goon James R. Hoffa is threatening to bring “civil war” to Michigan in order to roll back the state’s new right to work law.

After Gov. Rick Snyder (R) signed legislation aimed at breaking the labor movement’s death grip on Michigan’s near-comatose economy, Hoffa took to CNN Tuesday to declare, “This is just the first round of a battle that’s going to divide this state.” He added, “We’re going to have a civil war in this state.”

Hoffa also flippantly compared the enactment of the legislation to the attack on Pearl Harbor 71 years ago in which more than 3,000 Americans died.

While the Michigan House of Representatives debated the worker freedom bill on Tuesday, state lawmaker Douglas Geiss (D) took to the floor.

“There will be blood,” he said. “I really wish we had not gone here … I do not see solace, I do not see peace.”

In fact blood has already been spilled. While he was trying to interview right to work opponents outside the legislature in Lansing two days ago, conservative comedian-activist Steven Crowder was beaten up by union members. Apparently the perpetrators were upset that Crowder was asking questions and trying to prevent them from demolishing a temporary shelter that the good government group Americans for Prosperity had erected at the site. Crowder suffered a chipped tooth in the attack.

The new Michigan law strikes a powerful blow for freedom of association in the Wolverine State. Right to work laws weaken unions’ monopolistic control of local labor markets and protect workers’ ability to control their own destinies, free from pressure applied by union bosses. Such legislation allows employees to work without being forced to pay union dues which are often funneled to Democratic candidates and various radical causes. Michigan is now the 24th state to enact right to work legislation. Read more:

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  • Civil War? All we need to do is have Conservatives on Capitol Hill have some old fashioned 1776 guts! "We The People" will take care of the rest.

  • Well, the time is coming soon folks! It appears that the Communist Administration running the federal government is willing to run their agenda right to the brink of CIVIL WAR!

    Buckle up.  This is the most critical period for our gun rights you and I have seen in decades.

    The fight over President Obama’s gun control agenda in Congress is reaching a fevered pitch.

    And now that the U.N. has finalized its “Small Arms Treaty,” there’s an INTERNATIONAL anti-gun scheme waiting in the wings, as well!

    And on June 3, the Treaty will be sent to President Obama’s desk for his signature ratification . . .

    . . . and perhaps very soon after it will be on to the U.S. Senate for final passage where Harry Reid may try and ram it through with little or no debate or hearings.


    If the President signs that treaty, he will have committed treason against the Constitution of the United States, and subordinated the Constitutionally–guaranteed 2nd Amendment rights of the citizenry to the dictates of a foreign government, in the form of the United Nations!

    This cannot be allowed to stand, and there are millions of citizens prepared to take up arms against such an action! This is not the will of the majority of Americans, and will be provoke a response from Patriots all across the country. I believe that many of the various state governments across the country will immediately take the stand that that treaty is illegal and Un-Constitutional. We may see even more states pas legislation stating that such edicts will not be tolerated or allowed to be enforced within the borders of their states!

    This legislation is indicative of those acts passed by the Quisling government of German-run Norway during WWII. That government was quickly deemed non-legitimate by the people of Norway, and since they had been virtually disarmed by the Germans, they were unable to do much about it. That situation does not yet exist in the US, and if this treason is pursued by the Obama Communists, there will be Civil War in this country!

    I believe that Obama and his other Communist minions are determined to take the US down that road, regardless of the consequences. I further believe that since they believe that political power comes from the barrel of a gun, they see this as an opportunity to crush any dissent and challenge to Obama’s Communist reign. And, just a determined as the usurpers of freedom are to take them away, the Patriot community in this country stands ready to defend our nation’s individual liberties with, “…Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor!” We shall not go quietly into the night. We shall never surrender! We shall never waver! We shall overcome!


    “Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death!”

    Patrick Henry

  • And what will be the sign f the beast--electronic devise necessary to work

    America--we are in trouble--write, fax, telephone,--anything you can do to stop this ID for right to work--it is hidden on the amnesty act--people we are so often complacent- we vote for a person every 2-4 or 6 years--think our job is done--it isn't--we must remain on guard--lest a totalitarian govn take over (like what we now have at WH)----tink not--look at executive orders)

  • Boston was practice for taking us out when the dollar collapses and there is social unrest they will use that as an excuse to take us out. Then preppers. Then Christians.

    Think its time to get ready? I don't want to have to fight an insurmountable force for one man alone. That is the problem. I haven't been on here for a while because of fighting Gun confiscation and amnesty. Part of the newest immigration bill is a national ID Card that you have to get to work but it's a photo ID based on social security. Now comes the scarry part it will have a biometric device they mention fingerprints or the eye print or the veins on the back of your hand. But the card will contain a biometric device. Does anyone know what that is if it traces you at all times I am not getting one because I am a Christian and this sounds too close to a "mark of the beast" to me. For George I am also an oath keeper. I think the real armed forces will not attack us that is why he has them so far away. Homeland Security is a different matter. I think they will in a heartbeat. Somehow CISPA got snuck through and it has so many yea's that some must be snakes in our grass. Damn politics I hate it and it seems that is all I do!

  • My question, why aren't we?

  • I am a Christian and a patriot. I will defend my country and do not trust the current administration one bit! They lie and when they are done they lie some more. Im glad hillarys lies finally came to light about Bengazi. I will not forget Bengazi, the fast and furious, the gov.s attempt to take away our Constitutional rights, the shady way things are being done in d.c. or all the guns, ammo, coffins and fema camps being set up secretly. I have never owned a gun in my life until last year. Not because i am against them I just didnt feel the need. Now I dont think pepper spray is enough. I am saddened by the down turn our country has taken and I pray daily for our beloved America. I will never accept communism or socialism or give up my freedoms given to me by God, my forefathers,men and women in uniform and the Constitution. I love America and hate  to see what she is becoming under this regime. They make terroist the good guys and Christians and Jews have a target on their backs. Why is that? One thing is sure God will take care of His people. I will be ready to help all I can when our gov actively turns against us with food, blankets anything I can do. I know I must forgive but I do not have to cower in a corner. I will not! The people that voted for obama have a very sinister agenda. Some are clueless others want a handout and still others want to destroy our beloved country from within. I pray that God will give obama wisdom, compassion and humility but if his heart is hard he will not change. May God bless America and her patriots, Christians and Jews since we are the targets. Sic Sec Tyrannis

  • Im ready for war, and excited, I will defend Rick Snyder to my death and will not give in until war is won!!!

  • M. Ferrari:  Or to enslave them.  90% of the countries that taken guns away from their people have ended up killing a portion of them.  That is why the 2nd Amendment is important.  For all of those who do not own a gun you need to wake up and support the 2nd Amendment.  When a government enforces gun control the nation is ripe for enslavement of some sort.  It is not so much about hunting or individual self defense as it is about future enslavement.  Michael Savage, on his radio program, listed off a number of countries, who after implementing gun confiscation, killed many of their own people.

  • Has anyone seen the movie called the Manchurian Candidate?

  • Toomey made no sense at all.  He allowed Shumer to add that CCW holders must still get a background check every time they buy a gun.  A person with no arrest should not require more than ONE check per LIFETIME!  That's why it's called a license idiot.  And what's this?  No state Reciprocal Rights for CCW?  Who do they think they are?  See, it's obvious an attempt, as we said all along, to punish Law Abiding citizens.  One Background check per Lifetime or Fillerbuster!

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