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Benghazi After Action Report

Benghazi After-Action Report by Walt Harper

                In lieu of an official After Action Report by the US Congress and in keeping with military traditions of honoring our War Dead, I submit my After Action Report in order to reveal heinous events that not only aggravated a potentially defensible assault on an American Embassy but also insulted the integrity of the US Government. Under the current administration, acceptance of responsibility and feeble attempts to conceal arms trafficking to enemies of the United States through the American Embassy at Benghazi preclude official reporting of fault so I offer it here.

                More to the point, a concise report of the September 11, 2012 Attack on the American Embassy in Benghazi can be had here- and this is closer to a personal rant about rampant disregard for accountability by the Federal Government.

                Ambassador S. Christopher Stevens was killed by Islamic militants affiliated with Ansar-al-Sharia who were in turn affiliated with Libyan Security Forces and local police. Ironically and with conflicting accounts, Ansar-al Sharia transported Ambassador Stevens to their hospital and tired for more than an hour to revive him without success.

                Sean Smith was killed was killed by Islamic militants affiliated with Ansar-al-Sharia who were in turn affiliated with Libyan Security Forces and local police. Sean Smith died alongside Ambassador Stevens inside the American Embassy at Benghazi. His body was recovered by CIA operatives before the next attack began at the CIA Annex 1.2 miles away.

                At great personal risk, Glen Doherty left Tripoli to assist in defending the CIA Annex in Benghazi and to effect the evacuation of 30 Americans. He met his friend Tyrone Banks there early in the morning of September 12th, 2012 and they both fell in combat after being struck by mortar rounds but not before the safe evacuation of 30 Americans was made possible.

                Despite the fact that the loss of four American lives cannot be mitigated by any glorious claim of American Diplomacy or other assertion, it most certainly cannot be summarily dismissed by the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when she forcefully uttered, “At this point, what difference does it make?”.  Thankfully, her public display of callousness towards the gallantry of the fallen heroes was delayed a few days as she recovered from a head injury that occurred after she stumbled and fell.

                Throughout all American History, the U.S. Secretary to the United Nations has been a position that served discreetly in international affairs. In the Benghazi Incident, UN Secretary Susan Rice was drummed up to report in place of the Secretary of State and to parrot a wildly incredulous fable that the Embassy was attacked in retaliation for an Anti-Islamic movie called “Innocence of Muslims”. Coincidences, such as the attack occurring on September 11th and the involvement of Ansar-al –Sharia, were willfully negated as mere coincidences. Both actions of both women were disgraceful and insulting to common American intelligence.


                The representation of facts pertaining to the Benghazi Incident were rabidly and emphatically dispensed, so much so that, that absence of a final authority-the President of the United States of America-became glaringly obvious. As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did when she acquiesced her bid for the Presidency to Senator Barrack H. Obama at the DNC in 2007, she also acquiesced her integrity as a government official when she denied responsibility for the safety of diplomats but admitted to “security lapses”. Any inept Captain of any ship who admitted to knowing of a leak in the ship but not accepting the sinking of the ship would be as obvious as an inept Secretary of State.

                Similarly throughout American History, the location and actions of the President of the United States of America during times of crises have always been known, with the exception of the Benghazi Incident. Weak or completely missing details about President Obama’s reactions to, or even knowledge of, the Benghazi Incident, have been as pardoned as the actions of the two women who shielded him.

                A Standard Operating Procedure-SOP-is universal to all organized military forces. Mysteriously and for the first time in recorded American military history, the SOP for an attack on Americans was overruled. High ranking military officers involved in the Benghazi Incident and commissioned to initiate SOPs were reassigned. Although it is evident to all military personnel where a “stand down” order must originate from, very little (no) significance is given to this single factor of the Benghazi Incident. Speculatively, had the body count been higher, this single factor might have been sufficient to justify Articles of Impeachment.

                When I was much younger, the evening news always reported the Human casualties of the Viet Nam Police Action. I reveled in my naiveté about the greater number of enemy killed and that the war would soon be won. With that upbringing, I am (somewhat) satisfied that the kill ratio that fateful night was 1:33 and it was completed without artillery or air support.  Our valiant warriors who fought and died deserve better respect than what was meted out by the Secretary of State, UN Secretary, and the President of the United States of America.

Lest we forget!

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Who's Playground is it?

Warning! First Blog!-Since this is my first blog on Tea Party, or anywhere else for that matter, I'll make this blog as pleasant as I can and build up to the crescendo as time goes by.

The psychology that unfolds on every playground is the fruit of people watchers. Although I'm not the best people watcher, I like to think I do alright and the harder lessons that I've learned are not to be shared with strangers. The hardest lessons that I've learned are unpleasant and are mostly intended for prisons. Since retirement, I try not to use or think of those hardest lessons.

The general lessons are there for the taking and one I give freely-what you see on a playground has been developing over several years of operation. For instance, an older ball player plays well partially because he is familiar with the field. A visiting ballplayer must be confident in his game to overlook the unfamiliar field. Certainly all the variables are not possible to know or list, suffice to say that thousands of emotions swirl around a playground.

When you are on a playground, the ownership of the property was never doubted until Barry came to town. Forever, playgrounds have belonged to We the People. They still do and always will. It's just that  certain individuals are unable to conceive the American Model and lust for money and ego. These occasional nuisances have become significant due to lack of vigilance in Congress.

In America, fair play is for all and bullies are chased out. Confident and empathizing children rally to the aid of their friends and under normal situations, bullies are recognized and treated accordingly. Not a perfect system, just the best one in the World. 

It isn't the bully's physicality that makes him scary. It's the perception of harm by the other kids that give the bully his command. Scared children seek bullies! Some seek bullies for protection and most run for safety after they've seen the bully.

For the sake of an analogy,  government is a playground-not in a simple form by any means but rather  in the complex macro-societal confusion that it is. More than one ballgame, a few matches of tennis, and maybe a scrimmage on the basketball court is all that it takes to appease the elderly spectators and allow them to reminisce about their youthful days. Driving past a playground doesn't allow enough time to capture all the dynamics of any playground.

Using this analog, I ask that you imagine Barry entering the playground-what happens next? Nothing. He is not a "bully" in the traditional sense of the word and the police have no reason to suspect his affable nature of any vandalism or damage to the playground. Barry's personality allows him to endear himself to others and draw up alliances.

Without keen people watching skills, no one could have identified the friends of Barry that preceded him to the playground and had been waiting for his arrival.

In a well-planned execution of some nefarious plot, the kids and parents succumb to not Barry's plan, but the rather the plans of Barry's friends. Barry is only the patsy for the shills. In a very short while, the majority of the playground is in love with what they think Barry can do for them despite knowing that Barry has no skills, no history of accomplishment, and certainly no interest in the playground outside personal gain. My story-stick with me!

There will never be a shortage of selfish people in this World and selfish people recognize other selfish people instantly. Once the core group suckers a small group, the small group is made to look bigger and important. As a group, the bullying and manipulation is much easier but deceit is still the main thrust. If one member of the group gets found out, they are cast off and business continues.

Rather than spin this beyond use, Barry is known and the establishment of the Tea Party is figuratively the concerned parents that want to keep the playground nice-this is reprehensible to anyone that has been trained to hate the Tea Party but it will work for my purpose. The only problem now is concerned parents have no shills and cannot organize as splendidly as Barry says he is. Since Barry owns the enforcer, who doesn't need to be identified until after an event happens (already done), concerned parents have the opportunity to say, "I know but there's nothing I can do!". How many tines have you heard that?

Republicans linger in the bleachers. The Whigs and Tories have gone home. Other groups just can't seem to get an invitation and they watch from behind the fence. Therefore, Barry and his boys must infiltrate, deface, and discredit the Tea Party boys. The Sharks meet the Jets, no difference.

The few tussles and taunts done to preserve the playground were late, pathetic, and insulting to concerned parents. The bullies control the playground, set rules, and grant wishes. Ballgames have cheerleaders that shout "Yes We Can!' whether they win or not. It can be a wonderful, working playground if it weren't for the admissions booth at the entrance and the Board of Directors.

The Tea Party could regain the playground and here's how:

Focus on an issue and declare it solved and won whether it is or not. Misinformation goes both ways.

Sue for damages done and hold criminals to bear for crimes committed, no more of this revolving door drama-they did or they didn't.

Since the dawn of time, killing, starving, poisoning, and torturing people has been done for monetary and political gain. The Tea Party could accept this or any other issue to champion rather than defend the Constitution or similar diversion from true progress as a Nation. If we lose the Constitution but save lives, we can draft a new Constitution that does not mitigate criminal actions of the government-need an example?

Never before, have we had an opportunity as grand as this one to solve problems, rather than start wars. The Repubs and Dems can't do it -too much like work-so it will have to be the Tea Party.

The playground will exist and be available for a fee. Neither Democrats or Republicans have an issue with that or any other item of business. Life is good and everyone is making millions, so what's the problem? The Federal Government of the USA is on its ass!

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