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May 5

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shellielle youhoing posted a blog post
overviewpetitionEveryone should be outraged about serious crimes committed against citizens, but when it comes to a child, this is where we draw the line. Please sign this petition demanding the release of Diana from state prison / detention.The…
Oct 9, 2014
shellielle youhoing left a comment for Laurence Smith
"It is freedom loving people like you that at the end of the day give me the strength to get up the next day and continue my pursuit. Thanks and May God Bless you for your support.
Aug 6, 2011
shellielle youhoing left a comment for Laurence Smith
"Thank you for your words of encouragement."
Jun 12, 2011
shellielle youhoing posted a blog post
My beloved friends and love one ones in the United States and around the world, I am sending this urgent message to you asking for your support on a very important issue involving a young woman who was attacked and brutalized by Georgia…
May 27, 2011
shellielle youhoing left a comment for Sherman D. Brown
"Red Ribbon"
Apr 11, 2011

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  • Thanks for supporting freedom.
  • Thank you for story, it breaks my heart.  I was attach in Fulton County, E. Ponce st.  by undercover cops.  I was have an heated discussion with my ex.  When they jumped us without showing thieir badges or saying who they were.  They attached my ex and I jumped in to help when one of the officers started beating us with a walkie talkie.  I had a ruptured eardrum and they viciously beat my boy friend as I watched and could do nothing.  I did go to court and was aquited of assault charges on the officers.  But I lost faith in our law enforcement agency. 
  • Shellielle, Glad to have someone like you helping all of us to reclaim the America that we all once knew. You will be living in a different America after 2012, just hang in there.
  • Shellielle, I read about this story on the Internet. I understand your frustration completely as we have become more fascist in our law enforcement daily, not to mention the crude antics of the TSA. Writing to the Justice Department is pretty much hopeless. I can only advise you to find a legal advocate in your area, or a lawyer who will take the case pro bono (free). I am not sure if a suit can be filed against a sovereign type entity like the police department. A legal advocate should be able to tell you. If I recall the story, the police claim they came to the wrong house. Don't let this depress you, just be patient and methodically pursue any avenue that you can.
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