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schweizer posted a blog post
We Cannot Wait Until November 2012! Add the two most un-American special interest minority rulers this Nation has seen in its 236 year history “Obama and Holder”, and the stunning disclosures in the book of “Screwed” (by Dick Morris), and you have…
May 8, 2012
schweizer commented on Louis Blasiotti's blog post The communists/socialists are chipping away at the Moral Foundation of American Society
"I find very disconcerting, in fact alarming, the fact that many if not most of our State level political representatives are unwilling to challenge the administration on its abuses, unwilling to stand their ground, unwilling to defend the…"
Apr 30, 2012
schweizer commented on Jake Martinez's blog post ‘CIVILIZATION JIHAD’ AND OBAMA’S CONNECTIONS!
"Just ask yourself this Q: Why is BHO, a Muslim, able to claim that he is a Christian without losing his head? We all know what happens to Muslims who convert to Christianity! He is without question the most dangerous man to ever occupy the White…"
Apr 30, 2012
schweizer commented on Mitchina Soli's blog post We The Stupid
"Her intent is quite noble, it isn't to put us down - she is telling it like it is and trying to knock some sense into all of us. Our politicians have no excuse for their miserable failures except to try and make us believe that failure is the norm,…"
Apr 18, 2012
schweizer commented on Cal's blog post WHITE VS BLACK CRIME
"Well Ralph H. M, I am glad you made it back! We owe it to you that you may live the rest of your days in peace. Thank you for your Service to our Country!"
Apr 13, 2012
schweizer commented on Cal's blog post WHITE VS BLACK CRIME
"Rev. Jerry L. Robertson: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY, my dear Friend!"
Apr 13, 2012
schweizer commented on Cal's blog post WHITE VS BLACK CRIME
"TLC, Slowly but surely they are beginning to bend a bit. I was personally shocked by the bias misinformation many Europeans have concerning slavery in America. Most automatically identify with the American democratic party, not realizing that it is…"
Apr 12, 2012
schweizer commented on Cal's blog post WHITE VS BLACK CRIME
"Grace and TLC, I find that interesting and informative as it is my experience that many Europeans tend to like Obama more than we do here at home, and they are therefor reluctant to want to acknowledge the real Obama disaster that's unfolding (you…"
Apr 12, 2012
schweizer commented on Cal's blog post WHITE VS BLACK CRIME
"TLC you are spot on. Europe believes that we are a racist Nation because the LEFT, and the Special Interests, refuse to permit the unification of the American race (all inclusive)."
Apr 12, 2012
schweizer commented on Cal's blog post WHITE VS BLACK CRIME
"I think it appropriate that I restate one of my earlier replies here on your Blog (my previous reply to "Reparations for Trayvon???Because the UN says so!!!"):
Apr 12, 2012
schweizer commented on schweizer's blog post United States Federal Debt
"Thank you Michael G. Booth Sr, for your support. I hope there will be many more to follow.
I would like to clarify that this request is also made directly to the “Tea Party Command Center“. I know you guys have the brainpower on staff to help…"
Apr 7, 2012
schweizer posted a blog post
I received this e-mail again and it dawned on me that we need to construct something in form of a petition.Let’s get this done the right way. Can we “The Tea Party” draft and sponsor a petition of this kind so people can actually sign it, officially…
Apr 6, 2012
schweizer commented on Burt Keefer's blog post Obama's Muslim Dream
"Thank you "Grace Polaris" for this fantastic collection."
Apr 3, 2012
schweizer commented on Burt Keefer's blog post Obama's Muslim Dream
"Why we are in trouble with an American Muslim President "Barack Hussein Obama" who claims to be a Christian!"
Apr 3, 2012
schweizer commented on Doreen Taft's blog post The Silver Bullet that will stop the Beast!!
"Not that I disagree but one must ask then why have they not been challenged before, on their current special perks re SS, health care, pensions etc, which are currently all in such contrast with the common man, and especially with retired military…"
Apr 1, 2012
schweizer left a comment for Herman W. Kovar, Sr.
"Dear Herman,
I just read your last post on Obama's Muslim Dream and I don't think we have ever communicated before. From what I gather you are kind of hanging in there, but not much more. I am kind of doing the same, hanging on while in retirement.…"
Mar 29, 2012

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  • Ifeel the tide turning for us more everyday.

    We have 8 months to go and both the media and monkeyboy are exposed as frauds.

  • Did everyone hear this one sided speech from the President and Union buddies in the bail out city of Detroit? One sided always and if they are calling us out they better get ready for a well deserved fight in 2012. We Veterans are Ready, Willing and Able to execute the "Oath" we swore to God and Country! they're are not just calling the Tea party out they are calling Real Americans to this political arena and this is a bout that they will not WIN! I'm sending out an S.O.S. to all our citizens that care about Country first not power Faith will Win in the End!
  • Thanks again for you covering my six as I stand with Christians and Israel. Without both of our Countries the New World order would have happened earlier. That is why we have to be fearless, stronger and one step ahead of the Totalitarian Liberals. Don't forget my website either if you want to visit.
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  • are you schweizer in real ? Because I am real .
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