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October 12

Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?


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ryan maddison commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post Al Sharpton: Appointed To Keep Black Voters Angry and Ill-informed.
"sharpton is a discrace to the title rev."
Mar 29, 2012
ryan maddison commented on ryan maddison's blog post against the law
"Why is spike lee not being arrested for his twiter bs isn't that just like hiring a hitman"
Mar 28, 2012
ryan maddison posted a blog post
Check out the black panthers home page there offering 10000. For anyone that kills george zimerman
Mar 26, 2012
ryan maddison posted a blog post
Honest queistion is anybody here willing to pick up there rifle and go fight. That's a big. Quition and nobody wants to answer it.
Mar 23, 2012