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3rd party thoughts - mainly candidates

this current system needs to be overhauled. it discourages those who would make the best elected officials  from running. you had a race in which the winning  candidate had who knows how many criminal convictions . I can only imagine what the losing candidate was like.  this may seem like a losing battle for their are so many kardashian  simpletons who will vote on appearance sake. they couldn't tell you why their candsidate deserves to be elected.  it would probably help greatly if the campaigns didn't last a year. in England a campaign only last 6 weeks.

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forming a full fledged party with candidates

in spite of what may have happened on Tuesday, the only way that long lasting, long term results will happen for a better America is to have a legitimate 3rd party with candidates who have no ties to a preexisting party. I used to be a precinct chairperson until I realized that the party didn't care what issues I was concerned about. all they cared about was money [America is great if you can afford to live in it]. it seems like that every newly candidate who promises to reform Washington ends up being another cookie cutter worshipper of filthy lucre with a truck pulled up to be filled with greenbacks. I still go vote but don't vote for all the candidates for in spite of all their speeches, they don't say anything. we need candidates that have time for the average guy. mitch McConnell, john cornyn, harry reid, etc are not guys I have any confidence in doing anything. when they campaign, they should have regular debates in which the voters get to ask the questions. this idea of 3rd party candidates should include the state and federal offices.

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