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Is America a republic?

yes he reid and the rest. Let common sence prevail

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robert g warner jr replied to Admin Dee's discussion Mitch McConnell deepens GOP civil war by warning he could OPPOSE Trump Candidates
"What the turtle doesn't get that it's not the republican  but the TRUMPLICAN  party 🎈 "
Feb 16, 2021
robert g warner jr replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Kamala Harris Is Now Making Joe Biden’s Head of State Calls for Him.
"I gave Biden 90 days before commie becomes president.  I guess it will be less. "
Feb 16, 2021
robert g warner jr replied to Admin Dee's discussion GOP lawmaker: Trump has no future in the Republican Party
"The Republican Party is now the TRUMPLICAN  party  the Republican Party is a 3rd party .  Started with Obama  having the IRS go after tea party. Which hunt ,3years $40 million . 3rd party not having Trumps back  did it himself with a hand full of…"
Jan 14, 2021
robert g warner jr commented on Sandra L.Mallo Adcock D.Ph.M.S.M's blog post HHS Employee Directory! Tell Them what you think direct. No Joke. Healthcare voice!
"I think we should change obama care to " ODEM CARE " I feel we should give credit to both obama and ALL the Democrates That voted this in. Every one should be reminded who voted this in,,,  should be the battle cry for the up coming elections"
Oct 31, 2013
robert g warner jr commented on Ven Konuru's blog post It's about time GOP opens its eyes!
"Bottom line who every gives more stuff AWAY  wins. media doesnt care about fast and furious  Bengasie
you just cant fix stupid ....and you must lie lie lie. In line to vote talking about everything then who to vote for she said romney was going to…"
Nov 8, 2012

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