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richard davis replied to richard davis's discussion Texas Unemployment Coimmission and Financial Punishment in Texas
"It is a disgrace that although the Texas Unemployment Commission Has various ways of recollecting debts owed to them they decide instead to make no attempt to contact you for over a decade then as soon as this President's Policies hit home, they…"
Sep 21, 2011
richard davis left a comment for Don J Burgess
" Mr. Burgess I am ready and willing to help anyway I can, However at this time I am being extorted by the Texas Unemployment Commission, that will result in my dying wife to be trown out in the streets of east Texas to Die."
Sep 20, 2011
richard davis posted a discussion in Texas
I am writing this letter because the Texas workforce Commission has although granted me Funds they then state that I owe them money going back 10 years. The statement that I owe them money would not be an issue except for the past ten years I have…
Sep 20, 2011
richard davis left a comment for Don Alexander
"Good Day, Mr Alexander, I pray your campaigns are doing well, I am afraid that we are not going to be able to pull off the fight to retake our country. I have faith in the American people, However, The American people that work for Unions, usually…"
Sep 30, 2010

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  • I have said all along that we will follow the same pattern on election day this year.
    I'm sure 85 to 90 % of the career politicians running for office will be elected this 2010 election. We can defeat the election process of two parties in 2012 by joining together for one great cause.

    I know people in different groups have their own cause to pursue and this is OK, but they also need to expand their goal to include replacing the carrier politicians in 2012, this can be accomplished by joining Go - GOOOH.

    This is a non partisan group dedicated to replacing all carrier politicians in the House of Representative in 2012.

    We need you to join now, then get all of your friends and family to join.

    Go to www.goooh.com and join now.
  • I have researched over fifty groups all with special agendas, Tea Party,
    Operation PitchFork, 9-12 Project, Break the Bonds of Tyranny just to name a few and none of them have a definite solution with one exception and that unique exception is an
    organization named Go – GOOOH is an acronym for Get Out Of Our House. GOOOH is not a party, nor is it a platform. It is a process for electing citizen representatives to serve the people in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    Why the House (something we all learned in school and most have forgotten)?
    The President can suggest laws, but only Congress can make them.

    GOOOH has the solution: get rid of the politicians and elect true citizens. Go will
    (a) Sever the ties with special interest groups
    (b) Replace career politicians with true representatives
    (c) Hold our elected officials accountable
    (d) Allow you and your peers to actively participate in the selection of your representative.
    (e) Allow you and your peers to determine, among yourselves, who can best represent your District

    GOOOH does not define (or have) a platform. It allows selected candidates to represent their district's interests unencumbered by partisan politics. Candidates will define their own platform by filling out the Candidate Questionnaire.
    Candidates are required to sign a legal contract agreeing to run for no more than two, 2-year terms. They will therefore spend their time representing their district and developing legislation - not fund-raising (or pandering) for the next election.

    As a member of your select group you should also consider becoming a member of Go. It will cost you nothing to join and your benefit will be in helping pick the next candidate to run for Congrass.

    Visit www.goooh.com and learn more.
  • Welcome RICHARD

    We are running out of time to get the message out before The  Election in November!!

    This is what I'm sending to people!----> Lets Take our Country Back! CLICK HERE ( http://tinyurl.com/2azucur ) for video

    The links on the right or left are all Hot Links that lead to information or more videos.

    Check out the videos if you like them help us get the message out by forwarding them. Go to the bottom of the page of the video you like and Click on FORWARD and fill in the information.

    This is the system I'm using to get the message out! -----> CLICK HERE ( http://tinyurl.com/24vs99e) for video

    We use and market this system to raise funds and then through marketing it also becomes a source of residual income!

    They have a 10 day money back Guarantee!

    Don Burgess

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