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    Welcome James!

    We are getting the message out! We must start getting ready NOW for 2012!!

    This is what I'm sending to people!----> America's Come Back, TeaParty!! CLICK HERE ( http://tinyurl.com/269nufx ) for sample video email

    The links on the right or left are all Hot Links that lead to information or more videos.

    Check out the videos if you like them help us get the message out by forwarding them. Go to the bottom of the page of the video you like and Click on FORWARD and fill in the information.

    This is the Tea Party system we're using to get the message out! -----> CLICK HERE ( http://videoglobalmeetings.info)
    We use and market this system to raise funds and then through marketing it also becomes a source of residual income!

    Don Burgess
    3 free gifts for you ---> http://tinyurl.com/2duue2q
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