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June 1

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ironman58 commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post A Black Guy at the Dallas, TX Tea Party Rally
"Remember, ONLY Whites can be RACIST!  That is BS, along with morons posting here, that because they wore their 911 was an inside job shirts, and were asked to leave. Why did they wear them to this type of event? Because of low self esteem, and the n…"
May 9, 2012
ironman58 commented on Grace Polaris's blog post Robert Spencer: Why Can’t Non-Muslims Criticize Islam?
"ILLEGAL(proven now by EXPERTS, that obamma' BIRTH CERTIFICATE is a FAKE) IS a musSLIME. He HATES America, especially our TROOPS. He is "sad, and "upset" about the Soldier killing those musSLIMES in Afganistan, but WHERE was he when the musSLIME trai…"
Mar 15, 2012