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echo177 replied to Steve - Tea Party Founder's discussion Members, Sarcasm or Truth? You Decide
"Yes fellow Patriots, we are still here.  No matter how the idiots in Washington have tried to silence us or exterminate, yes exterminate us for years, WE ARE STILL HERE!!!!Ask yourself why is this covid 19 so detrimental to people sixty and over? …"
Nov 14, 2020
echo177 commented on James Allan's blog post Republican Party Exposes Communist Democrat Political Goals
"Background Check Anyone?
If Biden is elected president, Harris will be one heartbeat or a few brain cells away from the top job.
If Harris was to apply for a mid-level job in the Department of Agriculture, she would almost certainly fail the…"
Nov 9, 2020
echo177 posted a blog post
Is there a march planned for Washington yet by the Tea Party?
Nov 8, 2020
echo177 left a comment on Today's Poll Question
"E. Robert,  you are so right.  As you, I have stopped donating to the repubs years ago, and will never again.  The repubs of today are all Rinos.  I don't agree with anything they are saying"
Oct 12, 2013
echo177 left a comment on Today's Poll Question
"HELL NO!!!!!
The "good ole boys" have fooled me for the last time!  No more.  There is no saving the republicans.  They have been digging their own graves since the 2012 elections.  Like the dems, they are getting more outspoken, and it sounds like…"
Oct 12, 2013
echo177 commented on Admin Dee's blog post Confirmed Again: IRS Targeting of Conservatives Came From the Top in Washington
"Patriots, lets think about what happened.  Who was the whisleblower who alerted the American People as to the targeting of the conservatives? ?  Anyone?  And why did this information come from the IRS itself at this oportune time?  Anyone?  Once…"
May 30, 2013