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Do  we really want Donald Trump?
He is someone who uses foul language he is asking people to pledge allegiance to him now calling people names and letting people have fights at his events?   We are better than that! We deserve a Christian leader someone who is trusted  someone who is not for planned Parenthood and who is for religious freedom who will repeal replace Obamacare. He have not use bad words. He will be  the one who will take our country back!   Vote for someone you can trust for president in 2016! We want Ted Cruz! 1v We need a trusted leader to get our country back. Our country is in the crossroads and that is a fact. We need someone who is courageous ready go to work on day one fighting for we the people Ted Cruz is the one we need. Hook We want Ted Cruz he is the one trusted confident taking charge to get our country back on our feet. 2v uu repeal-replace Obamacare our enemies better run common core is over and that is just week one.As for me in my house we will serve the Lord,Ted Cruz is someone we can count on to get the job done.   

Let's support a real trusted leader Ted Cruz! 

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