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March 20

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William E. Brown Sr. replied to Admin Dee's discussion Ilhan Omar's Daughter: Hi I’m a Communist
" In our country that not only makes you an enemy, it makes you a target for a life of hell. Enjoy...
May 18, 2020
William E. Brown Sr. left a comment for Donald L. Mankow
" Don, RINO or not for Romney, we only have two choices in voting, one is to put us thru another 4 years of spending what we don't have, with Obama at the helm or we vote to take him out of office, and the only way to do that is with the only person…"
Jun 26, 2012

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  • I disagree with your belief that not voting for Romney is a vote for Obama.  Romney IS a RINO, and a NEO-CON.  Of him and Obama, he MAY be the lesser of two evils.  But the lesser is still EVIL.  RON PAUL is an honest candidate, NOT taking donations from banks, Trying to GET RID of the IRS, THE FED, DEP, DEA, Dept of Homeland security, Put our country back in the shape the Founding Fathers left it for us.  For You, and everyone else to support ROMNEY-even though he HAS NOT WON THE NOMINATION, no matter what you have read/heard, that is the BETRAYAL of our country, and the GOP.  TRUE TEA PARTY believers would NEVER vote for Romney.  I will sleep well voting for Ron Paul.  The Tea Party who votes for the lesser of two evils is NOT the Tea Party that was founded in 2007...RON PAUL is the ONLY CHOICE for true Tea Party voters


  • William,
    Listen to "Wake Up America" on "myspace.com/dondonot" That's the thoughts of a old guy in the middle of nowhere in Texas.
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