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November 12

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William left a comment on Kentucky
"Interesting question, no matter your political persuasion... OK, this is beyond the 'birthers' questions. This is just plain old common sense, no political agenda for either side. Most citizens of a country and especially American citizens know a…"
Apr 7, 2011

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  • Read your post on the fake in the White House. It pretty much states what I have been saying all along. I have watched politics from the sidelines for over 50 years. Who the f**k is this Senator from Illinois?  Obama is a mole planted in our government at the highest level to bring America to its knees. Our very own Manchurian Candidate.  Foreign interest's best warfare yet. This isn't sudden.  I believe it  has been in the works for decades.  That is why we don't see much of his history, his personal life or his paper trail through life. . He has been groomed, financed, educated, backed, cleaned up after, supported, protected and pushed by our enemies in the middle east with help from our landlords, the Chinese. How else could he accomplish all this bad in such a short time. It is almost by design. Yes, I'm a conspiracy nut, a loony tune, a paranoid, I've lost sleep, lost friends ........ anyway, enjoyed your post.  Conservatively yours, Anna

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