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March Across America

I am iitiating the March Across America. This is not a march in the typical sense. Instead it is a concerted effort to cease in the doing any business with any business owned, operated or that employees illegal aliens. I invite all Tea Party members to unite and disseminate this information to all other Tea Party members, friends and family. If this is done as a genuine movement, in these times of a dissentegrating econmy, it can have a major effect. Once the march is organized and moving forward, it can be made aware to the media. It is there that it will genuinely gain recognition as a reality. In doing so, the media can spread the word and get more individuals on board, while letting the illegals as well as the employers of such, as to the reason for their mysterious decline in business. Let's cut off their income and we can start to take away their reasons to be here.

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Are We There Yet?

Every morning when I awake, I can can hardly wait to get to the news to find out if we are still the United States of America or if we have totally given our country away to Mexico or the moslem nations. As an american citizen, I just don't understand why I or any other american citizen should ever have to wonder of such things. But, still we do. Is this what the founders of this country had in mind when they created to constitution? Is this what our friends, family and ancestors fought and died for on the frozen and snow covered grounds of Europe, the sweltering islands of the South Pacific, the Mountains of Korea, the Jungles of Viet Nam, the desert and mountains of Southwest Asia? And, right here on American soil during the American Revolution, during a time when all that we hold dear in God and Country was being forged and established. I would find this very hard to believe that all these sacrifices were made simply to give it all away. It was only last night that our fearless House of Representatives passed on the to the Senate the bill that is nothing more than amnesty to the Illegal aliens. It is amazing that we have come to a time in our history that the government is able to pick and choose the laws that they will or will not enforce. It is only my personal opinion that it is time for someone to approach these elected officials and ask the questions that not politically correct. It is time for these officials to stand up and answer to the american citizens, the voters that put them in office, just what motivates their actions. I myself am not ready to give my country away, I have no intentions of throwing in the towel. Yet it would seem that our elected officials are working feverishly to totally ignore the american citizens while catering to the illegals and the moslem world. It would seem that our government is would much rather see the american citizens go bankrupt than to ever expend an ounce of effort to enforce any law pertaining to the illegal immigration. Sooooo....I will awake in the morning asking myself that same question.........Are we there yet?

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