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The Great Satan Attacks from Within......

Barack Hussein Obama, the liberal enemy within, is beginning his liberal movement for circumvention of the rule of law and this Democratic Republic, through the guise of political and economic protests on Wall Street and conservatism. Today he has given his support to the violence that is taking place on the streets nation wide where the demonstrations have already racked up over 700 arrests. 


First the left demonizes the Tea Party as being radicalized and racist, now Van Jones, Nancy Pelosi and Obama have said they wish to emulate the Tea Party. Like all Tea Party Members, I too sense a malevolent intent behind these protests, one being its complicity to except law breaking measures much like what happened in Wisconsin when the left advocated violence. When we, the Tea Party, gathered to demonstrate the misuse of government, no one was ever arrested as no one ever broke any laws. This "movement" however, is insidious in nature and violent at its core, which lends a credible distrust and rebuke of the Great Satan that is the head of this evil, Barack Hussein Obama.


I mean, why would a leader, which has spoken for restraint and civility in politics as well as gatherings lend his support to a "movement" that materializes the exact opposite?


This is exactly why Obama has been one of the main forces behind the left's treasonous assaults on the American Constitution and the American people. He has committed this deception that has gone beyond that of normal diplomacy and directly into negligent waters. Some verging on the realm of harmful.


He continues to strike at our founding principles and our American Spirit, he pins one group of Americans against that of another group of Americans.


The evidence, which is far reaching, shows how and when the President violated his Presidential Oath to ensure the faithful and fair execution of the law and to protect the Union from invasion and from foreign threats abroad. All accounts which he has ignored or oppressed. My major issue however, is from the right whom continue to assume these behaviors and activities could be marked off as mere unintentional ineptitude, this assumption is far from the truth. First he had a 20 year relationship with Rev. Wright, Farrakhan, Jones and the Libyan dictator, Quddafi. Second he has high level closed meetings with racist groups such as the New Black Panthers, La Raza and the Muslim Brotherhood. Third he continues to wedge greater tensions between races, political ideology and social classes. Fourth he refuses to do anything of substance to secure our borders, jobs and healthcare from the likes of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, he also refuses to allow sovereign states the right to self defense and litigates to every state from enacting laws they can enforce denying them equal protection.


Fifth he spends an extreme amount of taxpayer funds to programs that don't exist or operates outside of the U.S.. Sixth he creates "czars" that have not be vetted by the Congressional branch, thus disallowing these "czars" any power be it little or extensive. He has not adhered to his constitutional obligations at all.


So comparing these characteristics into one picture the image begins to form that Obama and high ranking liberals have initiated the process by which they can collapse the U.S. and effectively void out the constitution.


This is serious and an act of war and I hope the House does not hesitate to call forth the militia to remove the sitting president, Obama, from the White House should he refuse any further to comply with the process of fair and equal law and measures that prove detrimental to the U.S. being a viable solvent nation.


This is why Obama IS the GREAT SATAN.

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America's final stand.

People, with Obama's rule and liberal assaults America will not be America by the end of this year. Just think, what American President in all American history has ever assaulted the American Character like this traitor has? He has called us racist, tea bagers, right wing radicals, un-American, terrorist, uneducated and most of all he has blamed the people for his liberal arrogance in this debt crisis, once again passing the blame to the very people trying to fix the problem.

You may not sit idle any longer, if he and his liberal agenda is not removed our future will have no life. We will live in a nation lost and forgotten for the freedom and the rights we once possessed. Our children will hate us for taken their future and their happiness away.

They will believe what is told of them by liberal overlords that freedom is a danger and if we wish for peace and security we must give such rights away.

Liberals have no truth and no morality, they call you monsters for wanting a true and equal representation, they call you radicals for wanting fiscal responsibility when the truth it is not that we the American people have a spending problem it is they, and they alone.

We as most all Americans have cut spending and understood the consequence of such unwarranted indulgence. We know that it is impossible to live where more money is going out then what is coming in. We made the hard adjustment and cut back, why is it they, the liberals in power have not, instead of meeting such unsustainable endeavors with responsible governance, decided more spending and more governmental expansion and less liberty to be a logic and rational solution?

The White House blames you for the downgrade when you for the last couple years have been ignored. They have not listened to the people since Obama has taken office and now they blame you for their treason? We said HELL NO!! No more spending!! We said no more expansion and we damn sure said no more governmental intrusions!! And now they are faced with their complete ineptitude and high treason of their liberal doing, once again blame you.

You must expect that liberals and more specific, governing liberals, will not take what is needed and do the right thing. No, they will continue and continue until the legacy of this United States becomes one of corruption and greed. History will know us as monstrous as Adolf Hitler and his third Reich.

The time has come to move on D.C. with numbers that represent the truth, we have no choice but to demand the immediate removal and prosecution of all liberal leaders for their crimes of high treason. Obama, Biden, Holder, Pelosi, Reid, Soros and all others backing the destruction of the greatest nation know to man, the USA.

These puppet masters know exactly what they are doing and will blame the American people for the collapse of civility. I am begging all of you who still loves this great nation to fall on D.C., I am begging all of you who still believes the USA to be the greatest nation on Earth to please fall on D.C. and make the world take notice. Show those corrupted deceivers that America will not fall without a fight, that America, should we cease to be will not go on their terms and we will illuminate the freedom and the passion of a people blessed by Gods wonderful mercy and we will be heard once more.

You do not have the benefit to believe someone else will do it for you anymore. You must stand for your nation and your people now!! You must rise and demand justice for the crimes against America and the crimes against our children and for the crimes against our right to exist free. You must rise now!! America is falling and she can not survive without you, will you allow the lives of our founders to be lost in vein? Will you allow the sacrifice of our past brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers who gave everything including their very lives to be free to mean anything less then those of the free and of the brave? Will you allow every single life giving in the belief it was for freedom to be erased and forgotten?


Our pledge to America:
"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all." One nation, Indivisible, Justice for all.. Do these words mean anything to any American anymore? Since liberals seized the nation we have lost our American Unity and have been intentionally divided with justice for only some. This is not America!! The American government must have the permission of the governed to have the right to govern. We have given these liberals no such permission and in fact have asked for its revocation. We have demanded a readdress of our grievances that has gone unanswered. We have demanded the adherence to the written document of the American spirit, the Constitution, and they have ignored as well as circumvented it. We ordered the government to rectify its illegality of the representative to denounce the falsified rhetoric and application of the represented.


Holder, the face of America's legal representation, has violated his position and American law by his racist misuse and intentional racial divide by applying racist factors to the implementation of his due process. He is no longer the valid legal face of the American people and is due for removal and for an accountable seizure before Justice demanded by the laws of this land. Holder has also participated in the behavior of high treason by advocating the sale of American weapons to enemies of the state and by allowing unauthorized passage and permissions of criminals and their sales of illegally controlled substances on American soil.

He has also shown favor to liberal states by attacking conservative states for alleged contradictions that impeded federal jurisdiction, yet had no mention nor legal concern towards liberal states with a clear and illegal obstruction to said very same contradictions, ie immigration laws and sanctuary cities. Holder is in violation and is guilty of high treason and high crimes against the American people and the position he currently holds.


Pelosi, A congressional traitor who deceived the American people in the passage of the Liberal take over of the privatized sector of American Health Care. She broke the law by intentional deception over more then 4-5 years. She issued intentionally charged rhetoric of both race and political lines in an intentional course to cause civil discourse and violent liberal assaults on peaceful protests. She has used public funds for non public meetings and events. She has advocated violence against oppositions of her political ideology. She has used charged rhetoric that led to violent protest in immigration debates which led to many charges of damaged property and civility. She had knowingly made false statements and allegations of racism and bigotry while in representation of a congressional official. She has misinformed known facts and made political charged accusations of intent against many individuals including the American populace. Pelosi is in violation of high crimes against the stability of the United States and the continued discourse of the American people. She must be removed from power and barred from ever seeking any political position for the remainder of her life.


Reid as the third prong to the Obama, Pelosi triad has been in violation in the very same nature to that of both Pelosi and Holder. His crimes are high crimes and no less in violation then Pelosi and Holder.


Soros is no politician, this man has violated many nations by subverting the sovereign laws of these nations. He has used his vast wealth to under mine national security and civil discourse, His crimes effect many lives and should be brought before an international tribunal to answer for such crimes. Currently his assaults have taken rise in London and the US with London so far experiencing the worse. He is a enemy to all free nations and should his actions be brought before a system of free unhindered justice it would reveal his enormous guilt.


George Soros is not just a "spooky guy", he is far, far worse as his hands bare the blood of millions. If one were to connect the dots of today's and many past fatal occurrences it would no doubt all end to one man.....George Soros.

George Soros is not guilty of any one sovereign law, he is guilty of many laws of an international scope. His crimes include economic destruction to mass chaotic slaughtering of many human beings. His punishment must be more severe then some corrupt politician. If I were to preside and be responsible for his sentencing, he would receive no punishment less then the death penalty. However I do not and I ask all free loving human beings to do their best to bring this evil man to the forefront of international awareness. He can be defeated, but only if he can no longer hide from the truth.


There is nothing more needed to say about this illegitimate leadership of the United States, other then his crimes of high treason and of high crimes against the American people. He has deceived the world of his intentions and have placed complete liberal control over the global market. He has repeatedly attacked the American people and he has repeatedly behaved in a liberal manner the not only contradicts the oath of our American president but also violates that oath.

He has refused his legal obligations to uphold the laws of the land as well as to protect the American people. He has given rise to illegal immigrants and a unhindered path of access to American benefits and value their criminal activities over the constitutional rights of actual American citizens. He has enacted several legislation's that violate his and the congresses limitations of power and has placed the United States in economic peril. He has shown an ignorant disregard to his responsibilities and refused the logical path for economic recovery.

He has created positions of power that only Congress themselves can grant, these seats of power are not bound to Congressional oversight and thus have no authority to answer to other then the executive branch. He has violated the 2nd and 1st amendments as well as sent an uneccasery shockwave of confusion jolting global financial systems and undermining the role and importance of the United States as a viable power.

This president is not suitable for a continuance as our Commander and Chief.

Obama is guilty of crimes of treason and of high crimes themselves, he has broken many laws and has implemented the now inevitable destruction of the United States. He is a traitor to his position and to the United States and must be brought before justice to answer for his high crimes.


__Other Political Traitors__
DNC Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Racism, Hate Speech, Fear Mongering, anti-American socialism)

Vice President Joe Biden (Racism, Hate Speech, Fear Mongering, anti-American, Fraud, Misrepresentation, Misinformation, Threats, Constitutional circumvention)

D.Presidential Candidate John Kerry (Racism, Constitutional Circumvention, fraud and Hate Speech)

__Traitors in Media__
All other liberal media both written and watched

__Traitor Organizations__
Congressional Black Caucus
Nearly all Liberal backed orgs.

America please take a stand and boycott and protest and bring global awareness to all of the above. They can not destroy if they can not hide. God bless America and all who supports true freedom and equality.

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Obama's new Pledge of Allegiance.

The Pledge of Allegiance (Obamica)

I pledge my allegiance to Obama, For his push to a Socialist State

We were United, but now are Divided, Under no diety but man

He has proclaimed, to attain, the liberties that make us free

to remove real justice, and priase up it's destruction

the leader who told us to believe.

Obama is the single most destructive President the American people ever elected. If we do not oppose him and his racist socialist agenda, the freedoms we all hold dear will be destroyed. Don't be swayed by his charm for the Bible states that Anti-Christ's single most powerful tool will be his great charm to manipulate the truth and mask his true intentions behind that very charm. God Bless!!

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I think the Governer of Arizona is very brave and I think it's about time someone stated that. Yeah it's ok to learn about your own race and contributions but they refuse to let white's do the same sighting it as racism. Oh White's are evil and their heritage is bigoted and hateful to the World. It's amazing how doubled standard this nation has become. Here's their reference for White history, Slavery and K.K.K.. Like that actually represents our history as a whole. Somehow being white automatically makes you racist? Right......... I've actually read some of those ethnic studies and let me tell you, Wow the bigotry can't be found there. LOL!! America, the nation of pandering. We don't have anything racially specific like they do. BET, National Black Caucus, Black History Month, Essence, NAACP, Al Sharpton (lol)and so many more. I thought you coundl't have anything as racially specific in this country because it was racist? Well, thats only true if your white. We will lift up your race and celebrate your incredible histroy while we demonize and degrade ours. I do however believe that such things wouldn't be so bad, as long as white's had the same right to do the same. I'm not ashamed of being White. And no other race will make me feel like being White is a bad thing. Now watch everyone come out their mouth with all kinds of ugly rhetoric towards Arizona now. She's a racist!! She's Hitler!! Please, shut up and stop comparing Nazi Germany to Arizona. That's in no way a proper comparison and I feel since millions of Jews were killed and tortured, to be something very offensive and I'm wondering why no one in the Jewish community has said anything. Are millions of illegal immigrants being rounded up and sent to concentration camps? Are millions of illegal immigrants being gased and starved? Are millions of illegal immigrants being raped or even beaten? NO!! so don't you even dare compare something as horrible as that to some immigration protest. Because what they suffered was in no way the same!! You are the one's with the signs claiming to shoot more police officers. You are the one's claiming to beat white americans with shovels and axes. And you are the one's telling white americans their American flag offends you. You are the one's using racial profile to claim racist rhetoric. By saying the Governer of Arizona is a racist just because she is white!! And calling the Tea Party Racist because the do not agree with the blessed Obama, just because they are white. How hypocritcal can you get? Who's being uncivil? Really? Nah!! That double Standard your a racist because you are White B.S. isn't going to fly anymore. We know who the real racist are and we will oppose you at every step. God Bless!!
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The American Flag.

Since when did it become offensive to show the American Flag? How do you reside in the United States and claim it's freedom, it's protection, it's benefits, it's liberty and come out your mouth that the flag you call home, is somehow offensive to you? Do you people hear yourselves? The flag represents a place of pride that those before you gave their life to keep you free. Thats offensive? That all her wars and all her voices somehow ring shame? Because even though you make such ugly comments about our flag, it still protects your very right to say so. But don't you tell someone else their pride is offensive to you. Because until Obama can actually destroy our Constitution we will remain a proud people for so much we gave up to be American!! I am proud to be an American!! and I will never feel shame for any of that. And if you have some ill will towards America or if you see anything but liberty in America, then I have one simple question for you. Why are you here? You have every right to leave for any nation you think is better but until then do NOT remain in the United States and tell me you find this Nation offensive. God Bless America and all she stands for!! Love you all!!
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U.N. can go straight to Hell!!

Now the U.N. is telling American's how to govern their own people? They can go straight to Hell!! Are they currently aware who foot's the majority of U.N. Fund's? We do. They are so unable to act in a way that is unbias. They like to pretend they can accomplish everything without the U.S., and while they show resentment towards us, they are cashing our check. Let's cancel some of those checks and then lets see how much they can truly accomplish? I find no real proof of racism or ethinc discrimination anywhere in Arizona's Law. They want us to keep our border's wide open and unsafe. Why do we support the U.N.? And as for the ethnic studies I don't believe that a race specific class is equality. They are allowed to have a racial Identity and we are not. How is that fair? You try and be proud for being white and they will call it racism. So minorities are encouraged to be proud while whites are demonized for it. and what happens when the minority becomes the majority? Will those practices still be allowed? of course. If your going to be proud for being black, then I'm going to be proud for being white. As simple as that. We may have made mistakes in our past, but whites are not only. Why are Hispanics not mentioned for their part in slavery? Why are African slave traders not mentioned in slavery? Why are Arab's not mentioned for their big part in slavery? Interesting. And are people aware that African's also had African slaves? or that they also had white slaves? Again interseting. And i think it's to funny how African Americans and Hispanic Americans ally themselves with Democrats. It's like they aren't aware that Democrats were actually for slavery. LOL!! Humans are so funny acting. Now I have no problem for racial identity if its fair for all of us. This Nation is full of unfairness and inequality when it comes to race. Why can't we just be human? Anywho I'll be back with more, I need to get some of that good old coffee!! God bless!!
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What in the World people!!

Now the President wants to attack information? How is he still in office? That man sounds more socialist everyday and the Liberals continue to endorse him. Let's look at what he has done and where he wants to finish..........

1. Control HealthCare.

2. Control the money.

3. Control information.

4. Reduce military.

5. Reduce State power's.

6. Keep border's open.

Hmmm? I can only see one outcome from all this..........State Control!! With the eventual reduction in individual freedom's.

Stay tuned for more blog's from me, I also plan to add a Youbtube Video about the misuse of comparing the Immigration Reform to Nazi Germany. Love you all!!

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The Liberal distortion of equality.

I have been doing some real thinking on how this nation and it's political parties see liberty. After hearing certain people on this site declaring they believe in it's core values and what the TeaParty is all about, I have come to the conclusion they only seek to discredit our cause. The left is so terrified of us that they have sunk to the level of divisions in society. They know all to well what it means to label a group our a person racist. They have no respect for free speech or the people who truly fight for it. Like when Janeane Garofalo called the TeaPartiers " Racist redkneck tea baggers". How are those words not racist? She doesn't know every TeaPartier personally, she can show no proof of racist bigoted behaviour, she has never actually spent any time talking with anyone in the TeaParty nor has she giving any credible reason for calling them "racist redkneck tea baggers", other then the sole fact they are mostly white. So who is the real racist?

So where is the racism coming from? good question. Let's look at some names being tossed around and there source. "Oreo" was used to label black teapartiers who are trying to keep their freedoms. Why are they being called "oreo's"? because the left is trying to call them traitors for not supporting a black president's agenda. Meaning they are black on the outside but white on the inside. Wow, and we are the racist? Now how about redkneck? that term is used to label dumb uneducated white's who because are uneducated they have to be racist. Interesting, considering the education level within the TeaParty is actually higher then the nation as a whole. Which is why they behave with respect for others and their political and racial background. And "tea baggers", this term can not be used for any other definition then a sexual act of immorality. And all this racist double standard B.S. is coming straight from the left!! Hmm..... it can't be? their for civil liberties and individual freedoms. Right?

Civility has also become a tactic of the left. They describe the TeaParty as behaving in an uncivil protest. Really? And how many buildings or businesses have the TeaParty attacked or vandalized? None. How many credible threats have come from the Teaparty Protest? None. How many civilians have been harmed in the TeaParty protest so far? None. So once again, how is this uncivil? But wait, let's see how civil the protest are coming from the left. How many buildings have the left attacked or vandalized?15. How many threats have been from the left? All. How many civilians have been harmed from the left? All. So this uncivil behaviour seems to only come from the left. With threats to shoot police officers by the left protesters in Arizona. with the threats to attack white Americans with axes and shovels by those calling the TeaParty racist, the left. With white students being unable to wear their nations flag to school because of those on the left. Or how about the black principle up north who told his white students they could not go on his field trip that allowed all blacks. Again from the left!! And where is our President who promised us civility in government? Well, he is from the left. He has done nothing while in office to unite the American people. He has only been able to call the American people uncivil, misguided extremist from the right.

Here is what is going to happen. The left will continue to label the TeaParty "Racist redkneck tea baggers" in every approach because they are unable to find an actual cause to target or discredit us. We will continue to fight for real freedoms and real liberties that the left is so terrified of. And we will still protest with dignity and civility that the left has been unable to proclaim in their speeches, arguements, ideals and laws. So continue your assualt on us because we will neither fall or surrender!! We will not give you our freedoms without a fight!! The rule of law will prevail with real equal justice and real civil liberties!! God Bless all those who oppose tyranny and fight for Liberty!! I love all of you!!

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Ok, I have reached the point where Government and some minorities have taken complete control of this nations democratic process. How is it excepted that any black man or hispanic man can demand that equality be given to them while at the same exact moment seek to demonize whites by suggested everything we seem to do, has some racist motive or agenda to enslave non-whites. Like in one New England state where a black principle decided to only allow black students to go on a field trip while telling the white students they could not take part in that public runned facilities activity, but it's ok, it was "well intentioned". How is this not racism? How is this perfectly ok with government and local leadership? Where is Al Sharpton demanding equality or President Obama and his misguided rhetoric? Hmm? Good question. Or how about the incident where five white students who wore the American Flag on their shirts to school where some Mexican American students also wore their Mexican flag. Somehow only the white Americans were told to remove the flags from their person or face suspension. And one Mexican student actually came out her mouth and demanded the white students apologize for wearing their nation's flag in their nation. How is it equal to punish the white students and not say a word to any of the Mexican students? Al Sharpton? President Obama? Hmm... Still not here. I also find it funny that when those in the Tea Party voted for Obama they were not racist but somehow because they do not agree with his policies they become "Racist redkneck tea baggers"? Those on the left for some reason believe they can change the rules when it suits them but God forbid anyone else expressing their freedoms. Does anyone remember what happened when Bush was in office? Did the left not come out and do the same exact thing we are doing now? Were they called racist? were they called tea baggers? goodness..still no sharpton or obama. You see, this nation has become so double standard that we allow inequality and racism, existence. This legalized racism needs to be stopped before some real damage takes place. lets shine some light on real racism like Obama and Al Sharpton who intentionally create racist issues in order to advance a cause to seperate and unravel our free democracy. Yes, some whites are racist and I said some but let's not pretend that blacks or hispanics can't also be racist. And lets treat all racism the same with equal justice and not social justice. And I will be honest, I did vote for Obama. I saw hope in his promises, unforntunately I soon realized that this man carried no interest in protecting all americans and no intentions to keep America free and equal. He is a criminal who has violated his oath to protect the American People and the Constitution. He speaks in a socialist tone to divided the American people, increase our national debt, create socialist legislation, undermine state governments, pushing equal balance towards a racial preference, monetary theft from the rich and middle class to give to the poor, removing the seperation of powers to consolidate his one power, pushing government ever closer to a police state in which civil liberties no longer exist. I truly do not understand how this criminal racist man is allowed to remain in power? Why isn't he impeached? I do not know. The American people need to realize what is at stake. Lets end this double standard in our society, lets treat every American with respect and equality. Blacks,whites,hispanics need to stop hating each other and work together. Lets make American mean something again. If we are unable to live equal then this nation will collapse. Do the right thing, the just thing and remove Obama from power. So thats why I wrote this, to express my concerns about a government and ideals that portray equality but subvert it to a double standard. I wish everyone love and happiness and God Bless!!

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