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December 1

Please answer this question: What year was the Declaration of Independence signed?


Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?


How did you hear about TeaParty.org?

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Is America a republic?

yes, we must take the senate with 2/3 majority and impeach the bum

If you are willing to help what would you be willing to do?

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Thomas Walker commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post Victim-hood-ism, Guns, Hillary and the Virginia Shooter
"Jack Smith--did you read the article written by Marcus, prior to launching your ignorant criticism? Your main point is "you never criticize the hate crimes of your racial brethren."
WHOA: Did you not read the 8th paragraph of this article that…"
Sep 8, 2015
Thomas Walker commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post Which GOP Contender will Keep Their Word in the WH
"Cruz is my pick. Ditto Marcus.
The issue of illegal immigration is so needed to be handled in a conservative manner, respecting our sovereign boundaries, and the illegal methods being used by the Obama administration, we see this issue is very…"
Aug 22, 2015
Thomas Walker commented on Daveda Gruber's blog post WILL YOU VOTE?
"yep, I voted by mail ballot sent today, for congressman Mcclintock of California. I think here in California, it is a matter of time that tells when we all get tired of the dems promises, since next year after the elections of course, the 20 cent…"
Oct 30, 2014
Thomas Walker commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post Should GOP Conservatives Adjust Their Message for Blacks?
"Mr. Marcus, I share your opinion that conservatives continue to tout an ideology of color-blindness and to mirror the words of Dr. Martin Luther King's dream of a day when all americans are judged according to their character and not the color of…"
Mar 27, 2014
Thomas Walker commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post Black Senior Forced to Choose: Obama or Jesus.
"God looks on the heart of each person. Thank you for sharing, your Dad is a great Christian."
Mar 22, 2014
Thomas Walker commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post The Making of a Black Conservative
"God bless you Marcus, thanks for sharing your great story."
Jan 30, 2014
Thomas Walker left a comment for Matt Sahatdjian
"welcome to the tea party and another tea party member has been here a few weeks nearby in madera county"
Nov 30, 2013
Thomas Walker commented on Rick A. Geisler's blog post Let's Name the Republican Progressives in Congress.
"Jeff Flake of Arizona"
Nov 7, 2013

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